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Welcome to Giggle-Pigs - Charlie and Toto, the main Giggle-Pigs site. Charlie and Toto (the Giggle-Pigs) have finally unleashed their superb website to the world, and you just happen to be looking at it!

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Spot The Guinea Pig

We've dotted a guinea pig picture all over the site in different, unusual places, and to enter the comp all you have to do is spot the guinea pig five times. Once you've spotted our piggy five times, go to the forum and post your name, the piggy's colour, and the pages you saw it on. We will post who wins on the forum at the end of April and the winner gets to decide what the next comp will be!
Good luck!

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Charlie and Toto Shoutbox

Charlie and Toto's Pony #DancePonyDance

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