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the main character and a saiyan.
his techniques include kaio-ken, the spirit bomb and the kamehameha wave.
transformations include super saiyan, super saiyan 2, super saiyan 3 and in dragon ball gt super saiyan 4
and he has a wife chi-chi and to sons gohan and goten.

krillin is a human fighter. goku's best friend and has been in the series since the original dagonball!
his techniques include destructo disk and the kamehameha wave.
he has no transformations.
he has a wife android 18(she becomes good at some point in between the cell games and the great saiyaman saga.)
and daughter marron not to be confused with krillins old girlfriend MARON.

yamcha used to be bulma's boyfriend.
his techniques include wolf fang fist and the kamehameha wave.
yamcha is single.

not a fighter but she helps them a ton!
she has a husband vegeta a son trunks an later a daughter bulla

a human fighter with three eyes his best friend is chiaotzu.
his signature attack is tri-beam.
he is single but launch (character from dragon ball and a little bit of dragon ball z.) has a crush on him.

he is a human fighter and tiens best friend. and hes psychic!
his techniques include dodan ray and psychic bomb.
he actually only has one hair on his head!

is goku's son and is half saiyan and half human.
his techniques include kamehameha wave and mesenko.
transformations include super saiyan and super saiyan 2
he later has a wife videl and a daughter pan.

piccolo is a namekian.gohan befriended him at a young age.
his techniques include mesenko and special beam canon.

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