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DC Games-The Blue Team /w/ Demi Lovato

Be sure to tune into the Disney Channel games. Demi will be participating on the blue team.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato individual for the DC Games

Demi's DC Games team


the blue team

In Camp Rock, a disney channel original movie about 2 people trying to find each other, Demi plays Mitchie Torres with Joe Jonas who plays Shane Gray, in the movie.

Demi Lovato's album is coming out soon. The Jonas Brothers are helping her write it.

Demi is working on her new album with the Jonas Brothers, writing new songs. She says she has written the most with Nick Jonas. Her album is set to come out in the fall. She says in November.

***Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas wrote most of the songs off of Demi's new album together. Nick would write the chords and Demi would write the lyrics.
***Selena Gomez calls Demi by her full name, Demetria, and so do her Camp Rock friends.

I got this new thing called the Demi Lovato Wall where you can write your comments to Demi about anything you want!!

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