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That was the Danish Hello! I`m Stella and I`m a German fifteen-year-old.
In March 2016 i`ve been to Copenhagen with my family for a week. We stayed in a beautiful apartment, which we had booked at airbnb. If you`re interested, i can send you the link. Our accommodation was located in "Frederiksberg" and i would recommend it !
I organized our trip with the guidebook " Kopenhagen" (published by "Merian Momente"). It was perfect for our trip, because it is well structured and it gave us great advices .
My mother got a bus map at the " Slot Kirke" (castle church) of the "Cristiansborg Slot", which was a big perk.
The bus system in Copenhagen is amazing! The urban buses arrive every 3-5 minutes and the bus stations are easy to find and always close to you.
We got a "Flexcard", which allowed us to go by bus, subway or tram...It was really easy. We bought it at the Central Station. ( Two children are allowed to use one Flexcard together!)
The money in Denmark is called "Kronen" ,so, " Danish crowns". During our stay, 7 Kronen were 1 Euro.
The Danes are very nice and absolutely fine with English.
We traveled to Copenhagen by train, which was very easy, because the Danish trains are silent, clean and punctual.

I hope this blog is able to make YOUR trip to Copenhagen as wonderful as our trip was.
If you would like to have more information about an advice, want to correct something or want to give direct feedback, don`t hesitate to contact me through the email sign (on the end of this page).
Have a nice day,

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