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Dr C.W.W.Kannangara was an eminet educationist how did an immeasurable service to Sri Lankans in the field of education. So he is one of the greatest personals in the history of our country.
He was born on October in 13, 1884. He got his primary education at weslyan English High school and Secondary education at Richmond College, Galle He passed Cambridge senior examination in 1901. He was a fine sportsman and captained the Richmond cricket team. He won colors in football. He became a teacher at Richmond College, Galle. Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa. Wesley College Colombo and Methodist College, Colombo. He passed he law examination and started practicing law in Galle, in 1910. He Married Edith Weerasuriya in 1922. He was entered politics in 1919. He became a the president of the Ceylon National Congrees, in 1931 elected as the member for Galle under the Donoughmore Constitution in 1931. He was as appointed as the first Minister of education in the state council. He introduced the free Education bill in the state council he recommended free education from kindergarten to University Education.
But bill came into operation in 1945. There were some main features in the free education. There is no school fee would be charged in Government and Assisted schools. Taught in the mother tongue in the primary classes – mother tongue or English in the secondary classes. English was made a compulsory subject. Compulsory education from 5-16 years. Religious education provided to all. Mid-day meals for needy children.
With In 1916, he was honoured with an LLD by the university of Ceylon and LITT by the Vidyodaya University. He was dead September 23, 1916.
As he did the greatest service to the education in Sri Lanka , he is lovingly called as father of free education. See more
About our English camp in Ketawala

We started our journey at about 4.30am from our village. We was very happy that now we go to Ketawala. Our teacher, Nishantha ayya and Ruwan ayya gave our name tags. Then We started our activities. First our teacher counts our members and gave numbers. And he asked from us about writing sentences. Some students have written 300 more than sentences. Our teacher gave a chance to speak English with our friends. He said, from now speak English with your friends and dont use Sinhala. We spoke English with our friends. We went to Samandewalaya at about 7.20am. First we took the breakfast at Samandewalaya and we went to warship it. After we came to our bus and started our journey form that place. When we went some far we could have internet connection also because there are good 3G signals in that aria. Our teacher wanted to take a video clip about our coming and publish it to the website. Then we every one said We are coming on the way. Our sir got a video clip and published it to the website. Then Ketawala friends could watch that video clip. We went to the front passing many places.

We could go to Ketawala at about 1.00pm. Ketawala friends welcomed us warmly. They went to the school main hall with us. After they invite to us as take cup of tea. After held a small meeting in that hall, Wilbet sir and their principal said about that camp. They gave us a room. Our bags are put that room. After we, went to have our lunch.

Then, at about 3.00pm we started our camp. First Wilbet sir gave a chance to speak with Ketawala friends. There were 10 groups in that hall. We and Ketawala friends were in the each group. After the teacher gave us a chance to say about own group and we came to stage and said about own groups.

After the lunch the director came to the hall with us and he spoke with us many things. After that, we held another debate for television. Then it finished at about 4.00pm. After that, we went to our some friends houses. We could be very happy about that and their parents made many sweets for us. Those were very tasty. And we came back to school and took interval and again we went to the hall. At night we did some dramas. Rambuka and Ketawala friends did it very well. We were enjoyed from those. On that day we went to sleep at about 11.45pm.

Usually we get up early in the morning and brushed our teeth, washed our faces. Then we went to take a cup of tea. After we went to the play ground and did some activities. Manoranjan ayya spoke with us on that state and give some gifts for best speakers. After we went to take our breakfast, their parents had made Kiribath. Those vary tasty. Then we came to our hall. We did many activities. Then we could go to their computer lab also. We hold debates and we get a good knowledge from that. After that activities, we went to a beautiful place and took our lunch. They were organized a trip to Athugala. We and Ketawala friends go to the bus. Then we went to Athugala it is a very big stone. We worshiped Athugala and wilbet sir gave chance say about that place. My Rambuka friend Kavishka malli and my ketawala friend Lasitha ayya said about that many thing. After that we went to Wilbet sirs place also. On that state got a party to us from wilbet sir. And we discuss about our program and that state was very sad one to all of us because our leave. We worshiped our elders and spoke with our friends. There are many friends were cried that state. And we started to come back to our village. When we come to our village we did some debated in the bus also. We got some sweets from Wijewardhana sir. We came to our village at about 12.30am on 30th.

The camp was very experience to us and very important to us. Now we can speak English very well.

And we must be thanked to H.M.Wijewardhana sir, Wilbet Ranasingha sir and Eranda sir about organizing this camp. Our specially thank to Wilbet sir about your labour. Manoranjan ayye , thank you very much about your dedication. And our ketawala friends, thank you very much about your assistance. And their parents were very worked up to feed us. I thank to them about that very much. We must be thanked to nishantha ayya also about his dedication. And our parents were very dedication to our camp. We must thank to our parent also about their power. Thank all of you.

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