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Hey there.
Man, I thought starting a blog would be so easy. But then I realized my life is completely uninteresting and dull. But, I'm gonna give it a try. So let's do this thing.

Let's start off with a bit about moi. I like food and musicals and all that jazz. I dislike humiliating myself, which is an unfortunate trait for me to carry because my life consists of it. I'm your average book nerd, I can watch old movies all day and never get bored, and I inhabit the (anything but) flawless state of Missouri.
So, as you can see, life is alright for little me. But, lately I've had the feeling that if I were an ice cream flavor, I'd be plain vanilla. It's not like there's anything wrong with it, per se. It's just not very fun An ideal ice cream flavor for me would be mint chocolate chip with a whipped cream mountain and millions of tiny sprinkles. No M&M's. Those are so nasty in ice cream. It's like, I didn't ask for a bunch-a-crunch in a cream. It's not natural. Excuse me, I'm getting ahead of myself.
Anyway, I'm making this blog and recording in it weekly for the rest of the year. Just a little experiment. Maybe I'll finally get my big break this year and head off to Broadway. Or maybe it will seem like nothing much happened, and I'll reread this thing and see how much really did. Cliche enough for you? Good.
Anyway, if any of the seven billion human beings in this world are ever bored enough to click on my blog, I welcome you. Enjoy!

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