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Broken Red Rose
I'm Alana and I'm fifteen and I'm entering sophomore year. Ever since i was little i was told i had a beautiful voice. my mother died and so did my father. I'm moving into my aunt's house today. my aunt has two daughters one my age her is name Bella and Bella's older sister Kristina. From what I'm told Bella is smart and kind.

I arrived at the airport to Seattle. I stepped out of the airport to see a black Lamborghini parked in front of the doors of the airport. The window rolled down.
"Your Alana right?" asked the girl i assumed to Bella. She had long drank brown hair that went a little passed her shoulders.
"Yes that's me" I said.
"Hop in and nice hair" she said. I looked down at my waist length curly pinkish hair.
"Thanks" i said with a smile. I put my bags in the trunk then hopped into the car. Bella quickly drove my new home. i looked out the window and saw a huge mansion surrounded by trees.
"Here we are" she said driving up the driveway.
"Your house is huge"i said my eyes wide.
"Its our house Alana" she said with kind smile. She got out of the car so i did the same.
She helped me carry my bags into the what looked like a living room. It had a 70 inch TV, a white couch and love seat. there where large windows that faced the road that were behind the huge couch. i heard a guitar playing coming from upstairs.
"What's that?" i asked.
"Oh that's my friend Jared he's and awesome Guitarist. We're forming a band but we can't find a great singer" she said sadly.
"Could i audition?" I asked.
"Yea sure. go right on up stairs it's the door on the right. I'll be up in a sec i have to call the rest of the band" she said opening her cell phone.
I made my way up the stairs and went to were she told me. I recognized the song the guy was playing. It was faster ride by Cartel. i entered the room. The guy who was playing the guitar hand longish blond hair and golden eyes. His fingers strummed the cords to the song. i started tapping my foot to keep the beat.
"You just want to take a faster ride. lower lows higher highs. you just want to take a faster ride" i sang. My Voice filling the room. He suddenly stopped playing and looked up.
"Your voice it's amazing!!" he said looking at me in amazement.
"Thanks I'm Alana I'm Bella's cousin" i said giving him a small smile.
"Jared" he said holding out his hand. I shook his hand.
Then came in Bella and two guys. One had white silvery hair with purple eyes and the other had brown hair with maroon colored eyes.
"I'm Derek" said the one with the maroon eyes.
"I'm Damien" said the one with purple eyes. >

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