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Disney XD

Disney XD is a TV program , much kids look to it but most of them don't even know the history of it ,
like Disney XD wasn't called Disney XD in the beginning but it had 2 names before it!

The start of Disney XD wasn't called Disney XD but ''FoxKids'', FoxKids started to make children programm's for children and for toddlers
the maker of FoxKids was Haim Sabans Saban Entertainment and he started sending Foxkids on the tv channel TV10 which was owned by Weneger Arcade but Haim Sabans Saban wanted the whole channel ofcourse because he didnt wanted to pay the rent for the TV channel each month, so he bought much of the shares ,after a while all the shares were from Haim Sabans Saban Entertainment , Haim Sabans Saban Entertainment knew he wasnt good enough in his own so he took some people and made FoxKids Europe after that he had to change the name and he changed it into : Jetix , after 1 or 2 years he had to change it again and he changed it again. The programs that are played in Disney XD (Jetix , FoxKids) are :

Aaron Stone Kick Buttowski: Durfal met lef ,I'm in the band ,Zeke & Luther ,Jimmy Two-Shoes ,Kid vs. Kat,
American Dragon: Jake Long ,A For Awesome, Cory in the House, The Emperor's New School ,Even Stevens
The Famous Jett ,Jackson Fillmore! ,Fort Boyard junior, Gargoyles, Get Ed ,Huntik: Secrets & Seekers,
Inazuma Eleven, Jimmy Two-Shoes ,Kick in it, Kid vs Kat, The Legend of Tarzan, The Muppets ,Phil of the Future,
Phineas and Ferb ,Recess ,De Vervangers ,The Suite Life of Zack & Cody The Suite Life on Deck, Super Robot Monkey Team, Hyperforce Go!, Yin Yang Yo!, A.T.O.M., The Avengers ,Batman Chaotic ,Casper's Griezelschool, ,Digimon Data Squad ,Ducktales ,Fantastic Four, Galactik Football, Knabbel en Babbel, Rescue Rangers,The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,
The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man ,Jackie Chan Adventures, Legend of the Dragon ,Monster Buster Club ,Oban Star-Racers, Pinky and the Brain, Pucca ,Pokémon ,Silver Surfer ,Shreducation ,The Spectacular ,Spider-Man , Spiderman and His Amazing Friends, Spiderman Unlimited Static ,Shock Superman ,Whats with Andy, X-Men and X-Men Evolution

Most of the kids like all the programs which are being played on Disney XD

A very big company which also block Disney XD is Nickelodeon they compete all the time so many people stop watching at Disney XD and start looking Nickelodeon

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