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Get Ashley Tisdale's New Album HEADSTRONG

Ashley and Miley at the Premiere of Best Of Both World Concert

Ashley and BFF in the Premiere of Hairspray

Ashley & Sis Jennifer at U.S. Premiere
of High School Musical 2!!!

Ashley at the UK Premiere of High School Musical 2
with her Cast Members

Here is Ashley and Vanessa Shopping Together

Ashley shopping at her favorite store Kitson

Here is Ashley Tisdale's
New Movie Picture This

Ashley Friend also Sis PLAYS IN THE MOVIE Bring it to win it

Zac and Ashley 2 BFFS

Ashley and BF Jared Murillo

Ashley in High School Musical 2

Ashley has her concert with Lucaus Grabreel

Ashley and Boyfriend Go To Mcdonalds and for a Smoothie

Check Ashleys Video Not Like That

Ashley with Miley at TRL

Ashley at TRL In The MTV Studio

Here is Ashley In The Premiere of Cloverfield in Los Angeles

Ashley Tisdale goes to the premiere
of The Devil Wears Prada

Ashley's Hot Bathing Suit's- She Went in 2 days in Hawaii

Ashley's Bathing Suit with her BF Jared Murillo

Ashley and Premiere of High School Musical 2 with her cast members

Ashley Arrives at The Premiere of Harry Potter and The Order Of The Pheonix

Ashley with her cute
dress in the song Everyday

Sharpay{Ashley Tisdale} Falls


Ashley Looks pretty ALL FOR ONE

Ashley's Cast Members

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Hey YOU Do You Like My Clothing


Favorite Food: Sushi and Pizza

Favorite Color:Pink

Carrer: Actress/Singer/Model

Sibilings: Jennifer Kelly Tisdale

Middle Name: Michelle

Born In: July 2nd 1985/Monmouth County


Movies/Tv:Phineas and Ferb,High School Musical 1,2,3/
Suite Life Zack and Cody/Picture This/They Came From Upstairs

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