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Please, can you take a few minutes to answer these questions ?

Have you viewed my collage and did you like it???
345   Yes and Yes.
45   Yes and No.
96   No I didn't view it.

How old are you ?
153   8-10
220   11-13
34   14-16
4   17-19
4   20-24
6   25-30

How did you get to this blog ?
246   Through a search engine (Google, Yahoo...)
13   Through
25   Linked here from another website
10   I'm a regular visitor
26   A friend told me about this blog
30   I got to this blog by chance

What is your opinion about this blog ?
186   Excellent
58   Good
24   Average
18   Bad
32   Awusome

Any remark about this blog ?
184   Very interesting
29   Really boring
72   Very nice blog

Will you be back?????????
190   TOTALLY!!! UPDATE IT SOON!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
52   Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
43   no

Do YOU love Miley CYRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
277   YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miley vs Ashley...Who would win???
264   Miley TOTALLY!!!
43   Ashley BY FAR!!!
6   Neither

Do you have problems viewing this page??????????
14   Yes: I can not see the question/answer
5   Yes: It will not take my answer the first time I put it in
11   Yes: Other Reason (If other reason, please contact me by e-mail)
237   No This Page Is Viewing Fine!!!

Are there any problems with this page???
6   Unappropriate in Fourm
4   Unapproptriate in Guest Book
5   Unappropriate Survey Questions
7   To many pictures
36   Not Enough Pictures
8   To Much Text
151   I like all The Text
25   Other (Please Contact Me be E-mail if you choose this Answer!)

If you had to say one thing that you Didn't like about Miley, what would you say??? There MUST be something!!!
10   Her style is crazy!
6   Her Hair!
5   Her shoes!
15   Her voice!
175   Her obbsessed Fans!
4   Her songs are kinda odd!
8   She acts way bellow age!
19   She thinks she's all that!
6   HER DAD!!!

If you entered a contest to meet Miley and you had to give a brief description about yourself, you would say...
117   I'm a HUGE fan!
13   I think you're amaizing!
20   I want a slot in your show!
24   I just wanna meet you so we can hang out!
12   I want you to sing for my birthday!
19   I wish I could win so we could go shopping together!
7   I would bring you to school and you would hang out with me and my peeps!
6   I hate you and I just entered so that you could read this!
51   All But The I Hate You Thing!!!
2   All Including the I Hate You Thing!!!

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