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OMG !! It's Taylor Lautner
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2011-09-09 keshia, 16 yrs (united states)
1 i like this because he is the best person of all time because he didnt leave during the movie and he has the beat amile ever and he is so cute.

2011-11-01 srev (fddf)
2 i luv taylor hes the hottest guy on earth

2011-11-01 srev (fddf)
3 u rox

2012-01-24 audriana (paris)
4 oookkk taylor is so hot he has a 6 pack i wish i could touch them

2011-12-16 wawa, 18 yrs (malaysia)
5 taylor

2012-04-29 Shruti Sawant, 16 yrs (India)
6 luv u taylor..

2012-03-24 kelsy, 13 yrs (Belize)
7 I love taylor he is the cutest actress on tv.i wish he could come to belize

2012-05-10 hanna, 19 yrs (india)
8 i love to spent my whole day with taylor........because he is sweet as honey

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