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All MIley fans cum here (YES DAT MEANS U 2 MILEY CYRUS)
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2007-02-21 ellie, 11 yrs (UK)
1 HI everyone I am the publisher of this miley blog and I hope your all havin fun! Well bye den xxxxxx

2007-02-21 HARLIE, 9 yrs (uk)
2 ur me coz and what can i say u rock just like me elisa dont be so mean ur blog rocks ellie just like u and me

2007-02-22 Miley , 14 yrs (USA)
3 Hey u guys well just wanted to say hi...

2007-02-22 Miley, 14 yrs (USA)
4 Hey every1 well just wanted to say hi

2007-02-24 heather, 11 yrs (usa)
5 hey ellie remember me on the miley fan club site we r friends

2007-02-25 ELLIE, 11 yrs (UK)
6 HI yeah i do remember u heather and mabye we can email eachother sumtime? ok byebye, ellie

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