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Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana
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2007-01-01 Marissa, 12 yrs (USA)
1 Hey guys! how do you like the website?? If you have any comments or sugestions please let me know.

2007-03-18 mildred, 10 yrs (miami)
2 miley it is so cool you are famouse and i know your secrets is you have a crush on corbin bleu i met him and you are hannah montana and you whent to trl with nick jonas and your friend is leslie and ashley tisdale.

2007-03-23 HANNAH, 9 yrs (Florida)

2007-07-13 Marisa, 12 yrs (USA)
4 Hey Hannah Montana, I Mean Miley lol... U Are The Best I Love U

2007-09-03 cassandra, 13 yrs (canada)
5 i hate hannah montana she is an idiot

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