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Whale killer

The orca, or killer whale (Orcinus orca), are marine and extraordinary animals, it is a species of marine mammals of the sub-order of toothed cetaceans, the odontocetes. I'll tell you more with photos and texts, below; see you on my page:

We can see on our left a map; it represents, in black the counties and in red where we can see the killer whale.
If i'm wrong don't hesitate to tell me.

2. food
The orcas have a very varied food. The killer whale eat fish (when it is adult, from 60 to 80 kg), sea birds, penguins, seals, dolphins, sea lions, porpoises and also other cetaceans, the exact content of their food depending on their habitat.
3. Killer whale a danferous animal?
A scary name. The term killer whale (due to the dorsal fin in the shape of a sword) recalls a fatal weapon. But it is especially English-speaking name Killer Whale which makes one think of a horror film title. And indeed, orcas are very dangerous for many animals
4. Captivity
Orcas belong to the same family as dolphins and, like the latter, are relatively easy to train. Their imposing size, their beauty and their spectacular leaps make them attractions appreciated by visitors to the dolphinariums.

Some aquariums claim that the orcas in their aquarium live as long as in captivity, this is surely false!
5 facts
a) Orcas can learn the language of dolphins
b)The killer whale's brain is as developed as that of a chimpanzee, considered to be the animal with the most cognitive ability after humans.
c)The world's fastest marine mammal
That's all I got out from Internet.
Hope you liked it! i am gonna do an other one on "volley ball"

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