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Zodiac Signs
Aries-Your element is fire. Cancer-Your element is water.
Your colors are red , black , and white. Your colors are yellow and orange.
Your gemstones are ruby and diamond. Your gemstone is amber.
Your animals are ram and lamb. Your animals are crab and turtle.

Taurus-Your element is earth. Leo-Your element is fire.
Your color is pastel blue. Your colors are orange and yellow.
Your gemstone is topaz. Your gemstone is cats eye.
Your animal is bull. Your animal is lion.

Gemini- Your element is air. Virgo-Your element is earth.
Your color is orange. Your color is lime green.
Your gemstone is tourmaline. Your gemstones are peridot and opal.
Your animal is magpie. Your animals are bat and porcupine

Libra -Your element is air. Scorpio-Your element is water.
Your color are green , purple, and pink. Your colors are deep red and black
Your gemstone is emerald. Your gemstone is ruby.
Your animal is elephant. Your animal is wolf.

Sagittarius-Your element is fire. Capricorn-Your element is earth.
Your colors are blue , purple ,and white. Your colors are black,violet,green
Your gemstone is lapis lazulli. and gray.
Your animals are horse and dog. Your gemstone are black diamond,
onyx,and ruby.
Your animal is goat.
Aquarius-Your element is air.
Your colors are purple and pale yellow. Piscse-your element is water.
Your gemstone are topaz and sapphire. Your colors are light green and blue.
Your animals are peacock and eagle. Your gemstone s are pearl and
Your animal is dolphin.

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