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Zac Efron Shack.

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# of cats:7

#of dogs:2

Best friend:Abby

School:John F. Kennedy Elementary School

Fave Show:Full House

Fave actress:Dakota Fanning

Fave actor:Zac Efron

Fave Movie:High School Musical

Fave Singer:Avril Lavigne

Fave Band:Black Eyed Peas

Fave Song:"Hips Don't Lie"

Fave Color:Blue

Fave Store:Limited Too

Fave Animal:Cats

Fave Magazine:Popstar!

People say I look like: Dakota Fanning with brown hair

This is my cute little kitty Teddy.

This is my dog Niko. He's a Siberian Husky.

Zac Efron Shack. (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Casey - USA

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