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Korea is located in the Han peninsula, in Eastern Asia.

It is quite small and has a little population, but is one of the leading nations in technology.

Korea boasts countless IT companies around the globe, and is the leading IT nation.

Also, it has a variety of traditional cultures such as Kimchi and Taekwondo.

There are also a lot of scenic places in Korea.

Seourrack Mountain and Halla Mountain are good examples.

Korea has a very long history. People have lived in the Han peninsula for over 0.7 milion years, and

most dynasties have lasted about 500 years - very long according to international standards.

Korea is famous for proceeding into the semifinals in the 2002 World Cup.

Guss Hidink led the soccer team in 2002 to the 4th place.

I am very proud of Korea, and of being a Korean.

THank you.


King Sejong decreed the creation of the Korean alphabet Hangeul to ease the life of commoners in 15th century Joseon. In 1446, the first Korean alphabet system consisting of 14 consonants and 10 vowels was completed and proclaimed Hunminjeongeum, literally "the correct sounds for the instruction of the people." Along with the creation of Korean letters, King Sejong published a manual explaining their derivation and how to use them properly. It has become a UNESCO World Documentary Heritage, and the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prizeestablished in 1989annually pays tribute to those who have made outstanding achievements in promoting literacy

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Geobukseon (Turtle Ship)
Geobukseon is a battleship engineered by a scientist at the order of Admiral Yi Sun-sin of the Joseon Dyansty, Koreas most-revered hero. Turtle is geobuk in Korean, and the similarity in appearance between these two hard-shelled creatures explains the name. The upper deck was covered with a rounded wooden roof that itself was studded with pointed iron spikes to repel enemies trying to board. During the war, Admiral Yi Sun-sin won every one of at least 23 naval battles he fought, boasting an unprecedented record of victories. Admiral Yi has often been compared with Lord Nelson, the British hero who triumphed over the French-Spanish fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar. Both admirals fought for the destiny of their countries and saved their countrymen from foreign invasion by securing key naval victories. Recognized as a breakthrough in military technology, Geobukseon replicas are on exhibit in a number of national museums, including the War Memorial of Korea, the War Memorial Museum in the U.S., the National Maritime Museum in England and historical museums in China, Germany and other countries.

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As the Scottish have kilts, Peruvians ponchos and Indians saris, Koreans have hanbok, their traditional garment. Originating in the ancient Korean kingdoms, its design and variety has been fairly steady from medieval to modern times, differing only based on the season or gender of the wearer.
While Koreans today generally only wear authentic hanbok on special occasions such as weddings and traditional holidays, modern variations like gaeryang hanbok that have been tailored to fit modern lifestyles are sometimes seen in the workplace. Korean designers continue to introduce hanbok-themed clothes to the Western world via world-famous fashion events such as Frances Pret-a-Porte.

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µOndol;Korean underfloor heating system

Ondol: Korean under-floor heating system
Ondol is a uniquely Korean heating system that can be traced back to the ancient kingdom of Goguryeo. Unlike Western heaters that generally warm the air, ondol heats the floor of a room. Invented by ancient Koreans, the original system worked by heating a large stone under a living space: Smoke from a fire just outside the dwelling was forced under the stone and exited on the other side. The system survives today in modern houses and apartments where water heated in gas or electric boilers is circulated through pipes encased in cement floors.

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I'm Korean, and I want to introduce about my country.
If anyone who want to know about Korea, please E-Mail me!!

I 'll always reply for you!!

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