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Welcome to my webpage!
If you are interested in being my pen pal and would like to get to know me better, keep reading!
Note: This website is a work in progress!

I am a Libra rising, Leo sun, and Taurus Moon.
I love historical fiction.
I have been a ballet dancer for nearly three years now.
I am twenty-two years old.
I live in the Southeastern United States in the state of Georgia.
I am studying English literature and history in college.
I am the youngest of seven.

Nicknamed 'The Peach State,' but is also known for being the country's #1 producer of peanuts and pecans!

The Capital of Georgia is Atlanta.

The state was named for King George II of England, who granted the state its charter in 1732.

Our state flower is the Cherokee Rose and our state tree is the Southern Live Oak.

Have you ever heard the song 'Georgia on My Mind'? That's our state song!

Martin Luther King Jr, a famous and important civil rights leader, was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

Famous artists from Georgia include Kanye West and Ray Charles. Actors include Chloe Grace Moretz, Julia Roberts, Dakota Fanning, and Raven-Symone!

I have lived all over the US and can tell you a wide range of facts about the US from different viewpoints.

I am very open-minded and love to learn about other cultures and customs.

I can always come up with interesting conversational topics.

I love to discuss politics, history, and other important things.

I'm a good friend and a great listener.

It's fun to make new friends!

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