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INTRODUCTION I choose this because I want to share about Yemen and I want people to know much about my country beecaus people just think its
It is customary for Yemeni males to bring a jambiya (a short, curved dagger) in public. Not only does the handle of the jambiya show the social status of a person, but the dagger, by tradition, also helps keep people from picking fights with one another.
Yemenis take much pride in their wedding traditions. An average wedding feast lasts 21 days.
The Yemeni dance
They dance with a knife and the knife is called jambiya its very sharp and kids also wear it but they becarful.
they go in circle with the reythm of the song sometimes they dont open songs they only dance or chew
yemen soldier
they are armed and mostly using sniper they are from the spiecial arm force

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