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My name is ZoŽ, I made an account on a penpal website coz i was bored. And I looked at the blogs, and they are WUBBISH.
Everyone is blogging about celebrities. Not even decent celebities. There was one called girls rock, and it had Linsey Lohan and Hillary Duff. It really doesn't get much worse than that. So I made this to post stuff I'm interested in. Hopefully someone might see it, and find out that there are far better and more interesting things than Miley Cyrus.
(By the way, I'm English, not American. I just couldn't find an England/UK option)

I cba with anything complicated so it'll just be a whole bunch of pictures. Get over it.

Did that work?? We'll see. In case it does work and you were wondering, it is a drawing of Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance and LeATHERMOUTH, sat on a narwhal. I didn't draw it, and I can't remember who did. Soz about that.
Hang on, this is only letting me have on picture. THAT SUCKS. I can't work this out D :
So, another picture? Lets see what I've got...

Drunken ponies. Excellent. This is Pinkie Pie and a few others* from the television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Go and watch it now, it's all on youtube. It's amazing. It taught me the meaning of life - PONIES. Also, the alligator (Pinkie's pet Gummy) may or may not be making a reference to the song It's On Like Donkey Kong by Blood On The Dancefloor. They're kinda terrible, but whatever.

* Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash if you were wandering
I made a new page! Yay! So, another piccy for y'all:

Frankenstein Girls May Seem Strangely Sexy by Mindless Self Indulgence. Brilliant band, brilliant album.
What else do I have....

I hope that this is big enough for you to see it in all its glory. I made it with a yu-gi-oh! card creator, google it and you'll find one.
(For those who have spent the majority of their lives beneath a rock - it's Edward Cullen from Twilight. Duh)
: 3 this is pretty fun

FOAMY! This is Foamy The Squirrel from Neurotically Yours, created by the wonderfull Jimathers. Go find him on YouTube!

Foamy is Lord and Master of all.
I'm not going to put anything proper in hear. The lord and master foamy takes up to much space
: P
I can't be bothered finding another pic just yet, so I'll give you the lyrics to this song I'm listening to instead.

This Is The Best Day Ever

And we can run, from the backdrop of these gears and scalpels
And every hour, goes the tick-tock-bang of monitors as
They stared us down, when we met in the emergency room
And in our beds, I can hear you breathe with help from cold machines
Every hour
On the hour
They drew blood
Well I felt, I couldn't take, another day inside this place
Silent dreams, we never wake, and in this promise that we'll make
Starless eyes, for heavens sake, but I hear you anyway
Well I thought I heard you say I like you
We can get out
We don't have to stay, stay inside this place
Someday, this day, we kept falling down
Someday, this day, set the ferris wheel ablaze
You left my heart an open wound, and I love you for
This day, someday, we kept falling down
One day, this day, all we had to keep us safe
And if we never sleep again, it will never end
Well I thought I heard you say to me
We'll go, so far, far as we can
And I just can't stay
One day we'll run away

This is Johnny The Homicidal maniac, from the comic by the same name by the amazing Jhonen Vasquez (I hope I spelt that right). I want to buy it but my mother won't let me. I wonder why...
"Just because you're bigger than me, just because you're smarter than me, just because you drive a better car than me, does not mean, no way, no how, I am sucking you off for any amount of money."

Gotta love Gerard : D

The lovely and talented Michael James Way, waiting for a unicorn he seems to have been told about by his brother Gerard Arthur Way. Bad Gerard!
Also, I love his shirt. I WANT ONE
I think I'm running out of good pictures...

Thats better. This is Lenore, the cute little dead girl, from the Lenore comic by Roman Dirge.
Well thats a bit bigger than I was expecting...

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