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i am a taiwanese . i like to speak english and travel around

Hi everyone, my name is Ya-ling. Iím seventeen years old. I study in Taichung Wen-Hua senior high school, in sophomore year. My favorite subject is music. Itís a comfort to listen music. No matter what kind of music I would enjoy except hard metal. I also like P.E. since they bring me a pleasant sensation. Therefore I like to play basketball, track and field, table tennis and volley ball. In my class I used to be a study monitor.
I come from Taichung, Taiwan which is a beautiful place; there have many kind Taiwanese, relax scenery and bustling night market. Taiwan is a good location to travel around by bicycle or motorcycle. You may find many new events that you have never seen in your hometown. For example, in night markets foods are not only delicious but also special and in east of Taiwan many rare aboriginal culture.
My hobbies are singing, playing facebookís Tetris battle, reading novels and traveling with friends. In my free time, I will be a volunteer. I had been a activity of volunteer in the Center Region Childrenís Home, M.O.I and have a wonderful experience in freshman year. I also participated of a plan to learn services in Taichung Veterans General Hospital on this summer vacation time.

i am a taiwanese . i like to speak english and travel around (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : yang - Taiwan

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