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Monday 4th June 2012

Hello :)
I'm finally in Paris after a boring 8 hour coach ride during the night (I didn't sleep a wink). I'm a little annoyed at myself because:
A) I'm having trouble speaking/understanding French even though I'm supposedly 'good' at it
B) I think I forgot the lead that plugs into my camera so I can't upload photos or videos :'(

Well, my dad and I got of the coach at Galleni coach station and after much difficulty trying to figure out what tickets to buy, we purchased our five-day metro ticket passes and headed off to 'hotel ibis' to drop our luggage off.

Then we wondered around the streets of an area called Montmartre where my favorite film- 'Le fabuleux destin de Amelie Poulain' was filmed. We kept our eyes peeled for film locations. We had a drink at 'Le Cafe des Deux Moulins' which is where Amelie works as a waitress in the film. I ordered 'Un cafe' and got an expresso, instead of just a normal cup of coffee. I have discovered that I hate expresso coffee with a passion. I got some sugar to put in it to balance out the bitterness but I wasn't sure if it was salt or sugar. So I asked the waitress 'C'est sucre?' and she looked at me as if I was some weirdo who didn't know what sugar was and replied 'Err, Oui'.

I was feeling tired, sad and uninspired- I had my camera out and ready but there was nothing interesting to snap with it!
Was a bit disappointed really. I don't know what I was expecting the Amelie places to be like, but the Amelie magic that was there in the film was gone.

But, I met some people there who I got chattting to and they were really nice The first were a middle-aged couple from Holland. They liked my camera as the woman had been searching for one like mine. And then we just started talking about stuff.
Then, I met a man called Alex and his friend/girlfriend called Sabrina.
He started talking to me because he liked my accent (why do people always like Londoner accents?)
And also because he overheard me talking about photography and film.
It turns out he worked in the film industry. He was from Germany but he spoke perfect English. He said he had contacts with the people who mad the film 'Hugo' (OMG)
He also said that his friend who takes photos of the food for posh restaurants and takes photos for fancy hotels gets free delicious food and free holidays and luxury hotels! That's given me a few ideas now haha ;)

And gave me his card so that if I was interested, he could get me into a movie set to see how making movies work. He started telling me about the media industry and we had a discussion about film. I felt sorry for Sabrina though- she probably felt left out
Anyway, so I've practically been scouted (well, kinda) by someone in the industry
So maybe the Cafe des Deux Moulins still has a bit of magic
Oh, and one more thing- The graffiti art here is epic! It's not just horrid spray paint scribbles and tags like in London, it's actually ART <3

I actually saw a man carrying a dress made of paper down the street

Amazing street art that I saw!

And... a woman with a parrot on her shoulder.

Tuesday 5th June 2012

We went on a 'Batobus' tour which took us round Paris. And guess what? On the train I saw someone else with a parrot on her shoulder! It was so weird! And we stood outside the Louvre because it was closed. And we went to the (boring) Eiffel Tower. And the equally boring Notre-Dame. We saw army guys with guns :) And one of the army guys was standing next to me and he smiled at me because I think he noticed me staring in awe/fear at his gun!Then we went to an African restaurant.

On Thursday I'm going to visit a school class where kids (aged 10-14) are learning English so they can practise speaking English to me and I can practise my French with them! And also, Thursday evening we are going to meet a woman called Yannike and her kids (one is 12, one is 14) and they will take us on a trip and show us around!

The Batobus!

Man with gun :P

La Tour Eiffel!

Pervy guy xD
(Joking, he was a photographer or something)

Casually just dancing on the road like normal people do.

Love This!

This boy decided to do football tricks to some random girls (show off!)

Upon closer inspection the details on the Notre-Dame are pretty disturbing!

Food at African restaurant.

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