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A kid's discussion of what's going on today....

So, we have all seen the things that have been going on and are very frustrated. That's why I created this. To give you a fellow kid's idea of what was going on in our country. I may seen scary, but it's the truth. Every day, I will address a new conflict or idea set out by our fellow citezens.

Give me all the hate you want, but I'm doing this for your own good.
Thank you and you're welcome,
Ok. Today I'm going off on a framiliar note. You may have heard about the conflict in Egypt. The reason this all started is because Egypt's people want a Democracy (everyone has power). Not an Oligarcy (where a small group holds power) or a Dictatorship (where a person NOT appointed by the people). This is what caused the uproar. No one likes the dude who has power over the land right now. Same thing as in Libia. They are not happy that the dictator has already chosen his successor.
I hope you take this the right way and not the wrong way.

Thank you,
Hey, it's me again. Sorry I haven't been updating in a while. I've been busy with homework and Jobies. Ok. This weeks conflict is the death of Osama Bin-Laden. I have not been

A kid's discussion of what's going on today.... (Society - Politics)    -    Author : Gillian - USA

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