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let m etell yuo abuot hoemstruck

Homestuck is a web comic on www.mspaintadventures.com! It is very fun 2 read. Ok at first it is very bad but after that it gets a lot beter like after 3 acts wich is abut 2000 pages???

Tere is a boy caled John Egbert and he has 3 friends called Dave Strider (yaoi) and Rose Lalonde and Jade Harley (Harley Barley LOL <3) and they play a game caled Sburb whcih is a very fun game. After a long long while of reeding when you go 2 act 5 there are peple called trolls ecept they are not ppl. Tere is Aradia Megido (frog! ribbit) and Tavros Nitram (cannot walk LOL) and Sollux Captor (beez in the trap ROFL =P) and Karkat Vantas (F*** S***!!) and Nepeta Leijon (cat woman) and Kanaya Maryam (chainsaw ewwww scary) and Terezi Pyrope (blind girl lolol) and Vriska Serket (huge b****... oops! ;P) and Equius Zahhak (scary muscle dood) and Gamzee Makara (clown honk :o)) and Eridan Ampora (so hipstah!) and Feferi Peixes (whut's culling anwy?)

You beter go watch Cascad after tat it is RADICAL!!!

Then tere is Jane Crocker (cookie maker) and Dirk Strider (so anime kawaii desu~) and Roxy Lalonde (wonk!!!!) and Jake English (double pistols and ;)))) and uu and UU who are cherbs????? but dey are U G L Y!! =P

Anwy just read it it is nice i promise u


He is the first caracter in Homestuck! He does not like clowns and Bety Crocker because they annoy him very much =( He likes bunnies! So cute and fluffyyyy yah! He likes movies too! He is trapped at home by his father (home stuck geddit???) He is very funny and goofy and not a homosexual!


She is a pretty pretty blond gurll who likes wizards and magic and stuff (CRRRRREEEEPPPPPYYYYY) she has this weird squiddy thing on her shurt and its pink and she has this purple hearband on(her hair is short and her head is so big and cute-like!) She is super SMART and SACASTIC!!! She likes making moostatches with magnets lololol =D


Dave is this totally cool and supar rad kid!! he wears his totally coolio anime shades everydae and has a bro who is also totally cool!! he has tons of sweeeet raps and draws a webcmoic! RADICAL? TOTALLY!! also he has the hawts for john who is his bast pal too!


Jade is a pretty girl with big roung glasses( NERDAY GIRL) she has a cute little doggy WOOF!!which she feeds with weird steak meat. She has long black hair this time(YAY LONG HAIR) and likes guns alot. Her house is so cool! Its like one of those mansions in some crazy island things!


Tere are 12 trolls who like to troll the kids (DUHH!!) but they are nice most of the time. Aradia is the maid of time (geddit made of time? lololol =D), Tavros is the page of breath, Sollux is the mage of doom, Karkat is the knight of blood, Nepeta is the rogue of heart, Kanaya is the sylph of space, Terezi is the seer of mind, Vriska is the theif of light, Equius is the heir of void, Eridan is the prince of hope and Feferi is the witch of life! See if you can memorize them all!! I can!!! =P

(the picture is not mine although i wish it was!!!! the drawing is so puhreetty!)

let m etell yuo abuot hoemstruck (Hobbies - Comics)    -    Author : Hussarina - USA

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