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Hey guys! My name is Margarita and I am from Texas. I am sixteen years old, but I will be seventeen the second day of 2015! I created this blog to tell you what my life is like here in the sweetest town in Texas. I think it is interesting to see what other kids life's are like and maybe mine might be interesting to you. I live in the small town of Honey Grove...and when I say small- I mean small. I go to Honey Grove High School and I am a junior (11th grade). School starts at 7:20 in the morning and it ends at 3:20., but for me school starts at 7:00 and I usually stay after for extra curricular activities- in those cases I don't go home till about around 6:00. Somedays I do get lucky and I can go home at normal times. At my school we do not have blocked schedules, we have regular 45 minute classes. In the morning I have tutoring (where I finish all my last minute home work), after that I have my first period class. My first class is my favorite- Band! I play the euphonium and the marching trombone, and yes it is all about heat bass :). Second period is Spanish 3/ College Spanish. It counts as college credit so... Anyways I already speak Spanish (well it is my first language), but our school only offers spanish as a second language class and I have to take it. After Spanish I have Algebra 2. This is the worst class to ever exist. There are no words that can fully explain how much I detest that class. Don't get me wrong- Iove math...I just hate that class... Next is US History. This class is great. I think it has to do with the fact that my teacher has been all over the world and just likes to tell it like it is. Next in the schedule is the most stressful class ever- AP ENGLISH. This class has given me serious stress issues. The teacher will literally give us several projects at once and expect us to have them done along with all the work all the other teachers give us. When I am in that class, all I can think is #TheSTRUGGLEisREAL. But thank God the next thing on the list is lunch. I know the school food is gross, but having a break away from all the stress is great. Lunch is probably the only time I have to actually talk to people. After lunch I have my last three classes. I have a tech class, physics, and last but not least yearbook. Last period is the athletic period also...but I quit sports in high school, "got to work on them grades!" By the way I am in the hard classes, most kids aren't so there schedules are a little different and less stressful. This is my normal schedule minus any after school events or other stuff like games and competitions. I hope you enjoyed reading all this...if you did...and if you didn't that okay too. :)
Hey feel free to email me! I <3 meeting new people and making friends.

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