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hi yo love ya

1. someone who is loving
2. someone who always makes the right decision

hi this is my blog i hope you like it.here are some things about me, i have brown hair, green eyes,blue glasses,i like to hang out at the mall,and the pool.i like to play sports, like soccer and football. if you find somthing wrong just write it in the forum and if you want to use my pics also please write it in the forum, well see you :b
hey yall so ya know im a christan and if you think im weird think again, but i don't really care what you think cause i don't know you.

this is me
friend quiz check you answeres below

1.if your bff would fall in gym you would...
a)go and help her.
b)wait until someone came to help her and than run on.
c)just run and not look back.

2.if your bff was sort of poor and the other kids would make fun of her you would...
a)comfort her and give her some of your clothes.
b)just stand there and fell sorry for her.
c)make fun of her with the others.

3.if your bff would be a gangster you would...
a)try to tell her that it's not good to be one and tell her to go to church insted.
b)tell her parents.
c)also join the gang.

4.if your bff would have a baby brother and not have time for fun you would...
a) help her take care of the baby.
b) tell her to call a babysitter.
c) go have fun with the other kids.

mostly a's your the best mostly b's your good mostly c's you have to work on it

what animal are you

if you like sports you are a lepord
you always do your best but you never
know whats gonna happen in the end.

if you are a peppy cheerleader
your a monky (no offens)monkeys
are always on the go and mostly
always very happy.like you.

if you always carry gum,band-aid, and stuff like that around
in your bag so you can help your friends when there lo your
an elephant always there for your friend,your a great friend.

if you don't have any friends and get very angry easily
your a squirrl. trust me they get mad very easily. i know
from expirence.(if you want to know the story go to stuff)
you can make a friend with anyone, even with the most popular girl or boy in your school. all you have to do is be yourself. never act like the person that you want to be friends with.only act like yourself. if you already have friend keep that friend. a good story about friendship is BRIDGE TO THARIBITHA. it has a wierd ending but the rest of the movie is good.the movie is about friendship and how use your amagination and just belive. it does't matter what you look like but how you act. see ya!!

friends forever

bratz rule
hey peeps how was your christmas? i got a i-pod and alot of cool things. today in school we talked about money and what we would du with a million$ and we where only aloud to spend it in 9 weeks and the money that was left was taken away after the 9 weeks. we each got a job and had to buy new things for that job and nothing else. what would you do with a million$.

well heres the story. when i went on a camping trip when i was younger i went across the road the the bathroom. i saw this cute little squirrl there i tried to look at it closer. that little thing chased me all the way back to the campsite. he trew a nute but it didn't go so far. NEVER TRY TO LOOK AT A SQUIRRL UP CLOSE, WHO KNOWS WHAT IT COULD DO.

stuff of actors,singers and again lotsa pics

skye sweetnam

i love the movie BRATZ well her are some pics>>>>><<<<<

this is janel parrish from the movie bratz. janel plays the part of jade.

this is logan browning. also from the movie bratz. logan plays the part of sasha.

this is skyler shaye. she is cloe in the bratz movie.

this is nathalia ramos. she plays yasmin in the bratz movie.

tottaly rocks

hey yall
im going to write own the name of some movies and your going to vote for them in the survey. i hope you vote:o
here are the movies
alvin and the ckipmunks
bridge to teribethia (i don't know how to spell it)
happy feet
(this may be a old movie but its great) the iron giant
sydney white
she's the man
well vote in the survey:)

i love these

this is my fav pic of noah (she is so cute)
did you ever think about the war between barbie and bratz? like mattel thinks that the makeres of bratz stole there idea from them. wierd. bratz is to short,heads to big, and feet are too big to even resembel barbie. barbies head is to small, is too tall and has to small of feet. mattel you are way wierd.myscean is alot like barbie the only differanc is that myscean has there heads a little bigger. who do you think should win that war, the big headed dolls or the tall and skinny dolls. in other words known as bratz and barbie. tell me what you think in the forum.!)
(i think that bratz should win. and they already have)

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