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Welcome to the Werid Club .Yes I do own the other Werid Club I forgot the password and I can't edit or get rid off that blog so I am creating a better blog.
If you are an odd ball in your group of friends and want be a part of a club that is made off odd balls, you may want to consider joining the Werid Club.
Happy New Year!!!
Contest/Weekly Double
The week of 1st of January ,2010
When does it stop being partly cloudy and start being partly sunny?

Send me a e-mail @ sinkorswim2amber@.com

Question of the Month
? Let's say you had to lose one of your five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) Which one would you choose? Why?

About Me

I'm an ex-synchronized swimmer who never quite fit in with the rest of my friends.

As you may have notied i need help with may web site.If you are willing to help me create a better web site.

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