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wanna bule sky,so i can fly

i am a boy from ShandongProvince of China,i like pop songs and my favourite singer is JayChou from Taiwan,i have to say that his songs was so beautiful.Sit by computer and listen to Jay's musci,that's me.
send to me and I'm gald to become your
if you have QQnumber,welcome to add me:645958046
Must go to school in three days,unwillingly by have to leave home.But will see my good friends soon.New semester,new start,new life,and also,welcome new friends send to me
Today I creat a new website,songmemories.If there're any beautiflu songs in your beautiful memeory,welcome come to this site and registrate,write your feeling about those beautiful songs,and share with friends.

Jay's music,incomparable.



album3:Eight Dimensions

album4:Ye Huimei

album5:Daphne Odera

album6:November's Chopin

album7:Still Fantasy

album8:On the run

album9:The masterpiece

wanna bule sky,so i can fly (Music - Rock)    -    Author : Zhu - China

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