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Volley Ball

Volley Ball is a sport, in this page you are going to learn the rules and how to play! At your volley ball cuff

1 Global rules

here are the most global rules:

a) if he ball falls out of the volley ball cuff and nobody in the team touched it's point to the team who did not touch it
b) the same thing but if the ball fulls anywhere and one of the player touches it, point to the adverse team
c) 3 passes maximum in your "your ground"
If you miss something tell me here:

and if you wnat more rules:
I recomende this video
3 let's play!

To play you will need:
_12 players or less
_1 volley ball/ beach volley ball
_a volley ball cuff
_and some of my instruction!
3 let's play!

after you poisitioned your self and everything... you will need to do passes. To help you doing this look at this video. The passes are when the ball arrrives up.

video link:


3 let's play!

WOW! you are incredible! now do you know how to do "above" passes, let's learn "low" passes!

video link:

and picture:
3 let's play!

You are incredible! Now what do you think of attackink! The attack is to mark points faster but not faster to learn!

Video link:

and a image:
Hope you liked it! Don't hesitate to talk to me here:

bye bye!!😘 I am gonna do other blogs

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