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can't say goodbye to yesterday

I'm a freshman in SIVA(shanghai institute of visual art)and my major is animation.My home is in Anhui .Yellow montain is near my hometown.Now I'm Shanghai ,A big city .It's different from my home.But I like it .Espacially the old buildings in shanghai. It's really like which is in the movie.Nanjing road and LaoXimen is very intrusting.The building in this photo is changed its use now.It looks romantic .Maybe a loving story was happened here many many years ago.Maybe it's about two student . A freshman maybe.

I always hope I can have a easy life but I find life is hard .Is everyone's life is so hard?Leaving is the best way to face every thing .Leaving ,have a happy life .leaving,than you can meet luck.(ps:Jesse is so cute .I like his song very much)

Chinese poetry is full of creative.It's very beautiful.You must imagine what poet flet and think if you have the same feeling. Here is one of famouse Chinese poetry named "ChunXiao'' it means the morn of spring .It's by MengHaoran in Tang Dynasty.The poetry diliver a kind of feeling in spring .Even the fallen flowers have emotions in poet's eyes.
The Morn Of Spring
This morn of spring in bed I'm lying
Not to awake till birds are cring
After one night of wind and showers
Hoe many are the fallen flowers
by Chinese:

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