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"The will to live overtook me completely in my desire to win."

That was the reaction of 19chronou Hungarian Alfred Hajos after his victory in the 1200 meters in the first free-modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. It was the first to reach shore after a boat had left the swimmers in the icy waters of the Mediterranean.
"Swimming in the Olympics has passed several" waves "of artificial tanks at ports in 50-meter swimming pool with controlled temperature and specific routes to minimize the wave in the expression of generally accepted as the most glamorous sport in the Olympics."
"Starting from the Marina Zea in 1896, the Seine in Paris in 1900, a pool of 100 meters within a specially created sports arena in 1908. The events started from the 100 measures for Greek sailors in 1896, with competitions in underwater obstacles the 1900kai resulted in 32 events for men and women to apply today. (From the site of the IOC).

Swimming appreciated since antiquity as a means of physical exercise and entertainment. The ancient Greeks were very familiar with the art of bathing, as evidenced by the amphorae and the murals of 1600 BC found. During this period the frontal and swimmers are shown in silver-free 'express' Mycenae. The Odyssey Homer celebrates the swimming abilities of Odysseus who, when his ship sank, managed to swim to reach the island of Faiakon. However, the sport of swimming is not included in official competitions of the ancient Olympic Games.
The first Swimming groups created in Great Britain in 1837, where he starts the first Swimming races. Most swimmers swim kolympousan the front and several versions of.
Swimming is present at all Olympic Games. The original games were free krooul) and the front. The backstroke was added to the Games in 1904. In 1940 the foremost of the swimmers discovered that could go quickly by moving both their hands behind their heads, which later developed into the butterfly style.
In the 1896 Olympics, the sport of swimming is conducted at sea and more specifically in the Bay of Zea in Piraeus and monitor approximately 40,000 spectators. The program matches the events included the 100m, 500m. and 1.500m. Becoming the first Olympic champion Hungarian Alfred Hajos. In the London Olympics in 1908, the sport of swimming pool conducted at 100m. And the 1924 Olympics in Paris, the struggles carried out in 50m pool.
In modern Olympiad in Athens in 1896, the sport of sailing, only male athletes participated, while women kolymvitries will occur after 16 years at the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912. The men and women fighting around the same events, the only difference with the classic distance event for women which is 800 meters and 1,500 for men, respectively.

The races are in pools of 25 or 50 meters. The Olympic Games program includes 26 individual events and 6 relay race for men and women, to pool 50 meters. The free, the backstroke, the front, the butterfly and the mixed individual is the individual events along with the relay race (free and mixed team), is bathing styles included in the official competition program.
Games: 50 - 100 - 200 - 400 - 800 & 1.500m
The 800m. event is only for women, while 1.500m. only for men.
It is considered the perfect type of swimming speed and is faster and more popular than others. Technically, the free swimming, the athletes can use any style feel better (except the mixed).
Usual reason for cancellation swimmer, is when during bathing, touch or impede the path of fellow.
Games: 100 - 200m.
Usual reason for cancellation swimmer, is when during the slipping after start or turn, passed the line of 15 meters.
Games: 100 - 200m.
It is a fairly complicated style bathing. It requires high energy expenditure and perfect synchronization of movement between the hands and feet. If the athlete loses synchronization, it is considered that swims freely and canceled.
Usual reason for cancellation swimmer, is when during the shift, touch the wall with one hand or to use irregular apron.
Games: 100 - 200m.
Usual reason for cancellation swimmer, is when during the shift, touch the hand or use an irregular apron.
Mixed Individual
Games: 200 - 400.
In the mixed individual events, the athlete is struggling in equal distances in all styles of swimming. This event combines technique, speed and stamina. The order followed is: butterfly, backstroke, front and free.
Relay race
Games: 4Ch100m. free, 4Ch100m. mixed group and 4Ch200m. free.
In the relay race, each swimmer swims one style. The range of styles are: backstroke, front, butterfly and free. Changes during the relay race, is valid when the legs of the athlete to be fought 'separate' from the platform when the fingers of the athlete who swims touching the wall. If an athlete to strive to start earlier, the group canceled.

Athletes wear a swimsuit, cap and goggles to protect their eyes and to have better vision in the water. Forbidden to use or wear anything that can increase the speed, the ability to float, or durability. Shave their whole body before major events in order to "feel" their movements through the water and gain valuable time.

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