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My name it's Victoria. I'm 15 years old. I'm Mexican and I came here to practice my English language

My Grandmother
Her name is Carolina. She's 67 years old. She's Mexican. She has brown hair, brown eyes and she's 4 ft tall.
She's very very sweet. She such an amazing strong woman because she always takes care of me and my brother when my mom it's busy. Also she's not very good preparing food but that's because she's a dressmaker, but even like that her food always make me happy 'cause I know she cook with love. Plus, she's an amazing supporter and I really love her so much.
My Grandfather
His name is Enrique. He's 64 years old. He's younger than my grandmother. He has black hair and a clear brown eyes. He is from Mexico.
I consider him as my dad because he is very nice with me, he always want to takes me to school or anywhere else, doesn't matter how far the place is, he takes me anyways because he's always trying to protect me. I love him much and I appreciate everything he do for me.
My mother
She's 35 years old. She's Mexican. She has a long and pretty curly hair, brown ayes and she's like 5 ft tall. I love my mom so much because she's such an idol for me. She works the whole day but for her that's not a excuse for don't go home and be with me. Even when she's tired, she always try to help me with the homework and everything I need. She's a lawyer and for that reason I cannot be with her all the time, but she always text me to know how's everything going and to be sure that I'm ok.
She's always making me laugh 'cause she so funny. She's very smart, sweet, supporter and cool. I love her so much.
My Aunt
Her name is Adi. She's Mexican. She's 36 years old. She's a counter. She has a short and very straight hair, clear brown eyes, and she's like 4 ft tall.
She doesn't has children so she treats me and my brother as her children, I mean she always takes care of us and she always bring us cute presents from different parts of the world. She's so smart, she speak english like me. I love her so much because she's like my second mother and my teacher too. In my own opinion, she's brilliant and I adore her.
My Brother
His name is Enrique as my Grandfather. He's 16 years old. He's Mexican and he's 6 ft tall. He has a very curly and black hair.
She's very intelligent but he's so lazy in school and we'll...everything.
I like his way to see the things, he's very romantic and poetic. Also he's a musician, he has a band called Santiago Lost, he play the guitar, make songs and sometimes he likes to sing. He already had his own concert, I'm jealous bout that, but it makes me happy that he follows his drams.
He always support me and helps me to reach my own goals, and even sometimes we fight, we have a cute relationship. I love my brother as much as I hate him sometimes, but I feel really luck to count with him on everything.

My name is Victoria Reyes. I'm 15 years old. I'm a student. I'm Mexican. I have curly hair, brown eyes and I'm 5 ft tall.
I belong a lot of fandoms, I like watch t.v. shows, listened music, go to concerts, travel, and meet people. I speak english in a 85% I want to learn and practice more my english. Finally, I'm a very happy and hilarious person :)

My name it's Victoria. I'm 15 years old. I'm Mexican and I came here to practice my English language (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Victoria - Mexico

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