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Hello everybody,
I would like a cool and a tiny bit clever pen pal and tell me their name oh incase you didn't know my name is Veronica and I am 9 years old 5 pets, 1 sister and 1 friend. I would like lots more friends to chat with so I am not sad and board.
I hope I will make lots of new friends when the site is complete. I really do hope that everybody has lots of fun and coolness. I quite badly need a pen pal because I am very very very bored at home just watching T.V. which is very boring and actually its not that cool ither.

FROM Veronica aged 9 and would really like a pen pal xxx bye
I think that this web page is very cool and you get to meet people. For example I met Jessica on this web page and I e-mailed her even though she has not e-mail me back yet I still think that it is very very very cool.

This is the coolest thing in the world!!!!!!!
Who likes partying I do this is the best thing ever my own cool site.

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