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When will you think about what you do and choose not to do things witch is wrong?

When will we start do better for the world? end all wars, Stop the Murder of people and animals, use more natural resources to save the planet! we are here to learn and grow and treat every one as brothers and sisters live in unity and its so wrong that we kill each other, rape, I am a Vegan all my life, my parents are vegan, i have 4 Siblings that are vegan all there lives, there is vegans around the world because of that reasons you find the reasons here-

me and my family hardy get sick. people think being vegan is crazy but its not. we are thinking about health and kindness to other living creatures just because animals don't have a voice doesn't mean we can abuse them all we want and nothing will come back to us 10fold they live just like us, they have feelings like us, how does it feel to you if you don't have a voice and some one comes with something to kill you with? think! on that. you don't have to eat meat and you don't need it, there is food for every one with out killing other living creatures. tones of grains is fed to animals so you can eat the animals, when we can have all the grains. think about your health! do you even think about karma? what ever you do good or bad will come back to you. we are destroying our planet and we need to fix it.

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here is some pictures of vegan food.

When will you think about what you do and choose not to do things witch is wrong? (Countries of the World - Others)    -    Author : Alephtawb - USA

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