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Howdy doodle to 'ya! My name is Michaela! ..... Or is it? *GASP*
Naw, it really is! But on Youtube I'm Littleuni. Who knew?!
But anyways, this blog/website/thing is kind of like my life story. It might be like a public diary or something, but that might be a little weird. But yeah, this is like my life story. Or a draw my life with A LOT of reading!
So, head on over to another page to get started! Each year of my life is a page, starting from 2002!
I was born! Weeee!
I was born in Derry, on January 26th, 2002.
You know what is neat? I was the only girl baby born in that hospital that day! I got special treatment, and because my mother couldn't decide on a name right away, the nurses called me "Our Little Princess"!
You know what else is neat? Everyone my mom knew thought I was going to be a boy! HEUH! *Cough* OK that was a little weird.

I turned one year old this year!
But to be honest, I know nothing of this year. The only thing I knew is that my sister ate so many blueberries she turned blue.
I turned two!
The only thing I remember from this year is using the bathroom. :I
I was five! Yeah, I skipped a few years. Nothing interesting happened in the skipped ones.
This year is the year I started going through my first PHASE. *Shudders*
I started being all gothic at this age, which is a little weird for a five year-old.
This is the year I remember most! I was six!
I think this is when I started school, but I'm not sure.
I mostly remember it because of the great music that played on the radio, and the super-fun farm I lived on!
At this point my family had 100 chickens! Wow!
I take it back, I have no idea how old I am at this point. I think I'm actually ten? Nine? I need to work on my math.
Either way! Our amount of chickens dropped A LOT at this point, but that's okay, it happens. We had four goats, two of them pregnant, and I think some ducks! And, all my life I've had at least one dog beside me. This is the year that I lost my first cat.
Her name was Tabby, she was a tuxedo cat. Grumpy, too, but that's OK.
This is about the time when poo hit the fan.
We had four ducks, seven goats, one goose, one dog, one bunny, and thirty chickens.
Why such a small amount of chickens?

Ahahaha, (<---Note the sarcasm) now THAT'S a long story.

All these years that I had lived on this farm, our neighbors constantly tormented us. We didn't think much of it until some time in the summer, our neighbors brought their dogs to our yard (without us knowing) and let them loose. You know what the dogs did?
It's an easy guess. The screaming of the chickens woke me that night. (Yes, chickens scream. Not like people, though.)
I was still kind of young at the time, and as I looked out the window I held back a scream. Feathers, blood, guts, and bones were scattered throughout my backyard. I watched as the dogs tore open my bunny's hutch and rip my bunny almost in half. At this point I DID scream. Who wouldn't?
I ran to the hallway to go to my parent's bedroom, but I saw they were already bounding down the stairs. My dad held a gun.
My mother herded my sister and I back to our rooms and told us to stay there. I don't quite remember what happened later that night, because I cried myself to sleep.

A few months later my mother and father were frequently going to court, saying that the neighbors wanted to take our farm away.

They did.
It was all downhill from 2011.
After we lost our farm we were all very sad.

A day in September, Mom was away from the house for a day to visit a family member. Dad was with us, though, so I was still happy.
As Mom left, Dad watched her go. As soon as she was out of sight Dad ran over to my sister and I and told us to put our shoes on, because we were going to visit one of his friends.
"Who?" I asked.
"It's one of Daddy's friends, her name is Chloe." He said. I'm not entirely sure what her name was, I can't remember. So let's call her Chloe.
"Why are we going to see her?" Asked my sister.
"She needs Daddy's help moving into her new apartment." Dad said.
It was awkward while we were at Chloe's apartment. All me and my sister did was sit and watch people pass by. Then we went to a restaurant with Dad and Chloe called TJ's that served gross food.

When Mom got home my sister and I told Mom all about our "journeys". Mom didn't seem too happy, in fact, she seemed angry!
From that day on, for the rest of the year, you could hear Mom and Dad fighting at night, after my sister and I went to bed.
A little while before 2013, Mom told my sister and I that she and Dad were divorcing. I knew it would happen, literally all my life I knew something was off.

So, Mom and Dad were no longer married. My sister and I lived with Mom from then on.

Money was hard. Really hard. We were so poor the only place we could afford to rent was an old haunted house that was infested with fleas and mice. That's also the year my mom got a boyriend.
All night. Every night. No sleep. It hurt my brain, true traumatization. I wanted to die, but I didn't because I needed to keep my cat safe. I needed to keep my baby safe.

He got stolen.

My baby.

My baby Loki got stolen away.
[picture not found]

I still remember the last time I saw him. I was tossing acorns around the yard, and Loki would meow and chase after them. It was such a fun game.
I cry as I type this out, because losing Loki was the most painful moment of my life. I loved him more than I could ever love anyone. He was literally like a son to me.

I spent a few weeks. Waiting. Waiting for him to come home.

He never came.

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't kill myself, just in case he came back.

Months passed.


One day my mother came home from work with a crate. A cat carrier. My heart skipped a beat.
"I have a surprise for you!" Mom exclaimed.
"Is Loki home?!" I said, my eyes tearing up as I hopefully stared at the carrier.
"No..." Said Mom, "But come look!"
She led me over to the cage, and I knelt down to see what it was.

A tiny kitten, only a few weeks old, hobbled around in the cage.
"Oh!" I said, not sure what I was feeling. "Is it a boy or a girl?" I asked.
"It's a girl! I got her just for you!" Said Mom.
The little kitten was white, brown and orange with cute little brown eyes. She was insanely small and adorable!

But all I saw was Loki. I started crying and hugged Mom.
A purpose to live. This little kitten needs me. I will guide her and raise her like I did with Loki! I will be the best mother for her...
I thought, but she needed a name.

We all let the kitten out of her crate on the couch. It was a nice comfy place where she could be eye-level with our dog, Nacho. Nacho, of course, was very excited to meet my new baby. He came up to her and sniffed her, and she hissed at him and then lashed at his snout.


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