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this section talks about Jacobs pack
their pack was made up of many of the grandchildrin of inportant tribe members. chief black is jacobs grand father , he is the one who made the treaty with the cold one(the cullens) wich said that they can stay in peice on the quilete tribes lands only if they dont kill or bite any human being.

Bella swan moved to Forks ,washington and lived with her father (charlie swan)who is the cheif of police. on her first day she meets some friends well at first before school jacob black comes over to drop off bellas new truck(that really suck). At school she meets jessica ,mike,eric and many other people and during lunch they tell her about the cullen (mostly about edward). after lunch she has biology and sits next to edward well hes acting all like freaky and mysterios around her because he wants her blood (hes a vampire)

Edward cullen is a mysterios hot guy who like no one notices because hes always really quit around people because hes a vampire just like the rest of his like coven . when bella gets there he is really attracted to her not only for her blood but he acts really prottective of her and he can read minds except bellas

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