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Tsankiang(My hometown)

Today, I am going to introduce my hometown, a very beautiful coastal city, Tsankiang.

Basic Information
•Chinese name: 湛江市
•English name: Tsankiang ['ʒɑ:ŋ'dʒjɑ:n]、Zhanjiang
•Alias: Kwangchowan(former name)(广州湾)&Harbour city(港城)
•Geographical location: In the south of Guangdong province
•Dialects: Cantonese -Zhanjiang words(粤语-湛江话);Min Chinese - Leizhou dialec(闽语-雷州话);Hakka- Ya language(客家话-涯语).
•Population:7.92 million(permanent resident population of 2014)
•Climate: Tropical monsoon climate(热带季风气候) & subtropical monsoon climate (亚热带季风性气候)

And now, let me introduce one of the attractions in my hometown.
Attraction 1

湖光岩玛珥湖Huguang Lake

In 1997, the Chinese and German scientists investigating, Huguang Lake is about 14-160000 years old, making by the ground after cooling sink formation volcanic explosion of er type volcanic lake, the lake is over 400 meters deep.(1997年,经中德科学家考察确定,湖光岩玛珥湖是距今14—16万年前由平地火山爆炸后冷却下沉形成的玛珥式火山湖,湖深400多米。)【This section has used translation machine to translate O(∩_∩)O ~】

Nine big mystery of Huguang Lake(湖光岩的七大谜)
【I don’t know whether all of these are true or not, of course, some of it are real╮(╯▽╰)╭】
A、Leaves near the Lake without their trace.(湖面落叶无影无踪);
B、The central water level of the lake is lower than the lakeside 30 cm.(湖中心水位比湖边低30公分);
C、During June to August, when it’s about 1-2a.m., water more than ten meters high will rise from the middle of the lake.(6-8月份,夜间1-2点,湖中间冒出十多米的水柱);
D、There is no frog, leeches or snakes in the 2.3 square kilometers lake, but it has plenty of fish and shrimp and huge turtles. (2.3平方公里的湖里没有一个青蛙、蚂蝗、蛇却有大量的鱼虾,甚至有巨大的神龟龙鱼出没);

E、When you are in the south of overhead of the moutain lake, you will feel shake of dark, on the contrary, sober and relaxed in the north.(进入湖南边山顶上一带有50%的人感觉到阴阴沉沉,而是在湖的北边就感觉到清醒和有一种轻松的感觉);
F、Skin becomes white after swimming in the lake.(下湖游泳、泡水皮肤变白);
G、The big turtle has saved many people who has near-drowning in the lake.(大龟在湖里救过了许多溺水的人。)

I suggest, if you take a visit to Huguang Lake, I think it’s most fun to ride a bike around the lake, enjoying the sunshine, the feelings of the lake wind. What’s more, when you are tired, you can get off your bike and have a footbath in the lake or go to the nearby ground to have a picnic, or just go in to the surrounding historical building and take some photos.

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