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Naruto 5 Character Pics

Is the company it's created by with a lot of help from Marcus,please contact us if you enjoyed the site or have extra info on some of the characters [contact us at]

This is a website of Naruto characters and pictures,if you want to know more about Naruto then read my website thank you!!

These are the genins

Gaara in the preliminaries of the chuunin exams

Naruto,Sasuke and Sakura

This is what Kakashi's face would look like

Akamaru's hungry lol

Itachi is more powerful then Orochimaru

This is Gaara,Temari and Kankuro's sensei Baki

Sasuke's Chidori

Naruto's Rasengan

If Gaara sleeps his demon shukaka will take over him that's his special jutsu

Sasuke when he's taken over by the curse seal

Dosu using his sound machine

The Jounin of The Village Hidden in The Leaves

Itachi when he was younger

Kurenai concentrating lol

Neji's Byukgan Eye

Gaara's symbol of only loving himself

This is Naruto when his demon takes over most of his body

Naruto hand signs
[picture not found]

Itachi and Kisame


Naruto baby ninjas

The 4th Hokage

Kakashi's Lightning Blade/Chidori

This is Sasuke using a fireball jutsu

This is a demon clone of Naruto



Choji's jutsu

Gaara and Orochimaru combined

Shikamaru surprised

Older Sasuke

Unamed member of the Akatsuki

Itachi banner

Rage of the Sharingans!

Older Sakura

Shikamaru, Naruto, Hinata, Sakura and Ino when the're older

Kiba and Naruto

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