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This is a website of the Naruto episodes and series,well if you want to know more on the episodes then read my website thank you!!

Lets see how powerful Naruto's Rasengan is?...
Episode 1 title:Enter:Naruto Uzumaki!
Welcome to the Village Hidden in the Leaves.
Episode 2 title:"My name is Kononhamaru!"
Naruto graduates to entertaining Konohamaru,the Village elders pint-size grandson.
Episode 3 title:"Sasuke and Sakura:Friends or Foes?"
On the way to becoming a ninja,Naruto teams with classmates Sakura and Sasuke.
Episode 4 title:"Pass or Fail:Survival Test"
Naruto,Sasuke and Sakura meet their new sensei Kakashi.
Episode 5 title:"You Failed!Kakashi's Final Decision
Naruto,Sasuke and Sakura struggle to pass the grueling survival test.
Episode 6 title:"A Dangerous Mission!Journey to the Land of the Waves!"
Amused by Naruto the Hokage gives his team a mission,protecting a grumpy mean old man,Tazuna.
Episode 7 title:"The Assassin Of The Mist!"
Zabuza Momochi appears hired by an evil businessman Gatou to kill Tazuna.
Episode 8 title:"The Oath Of Pain"
It's Kakashi versus Zabuza inside Zabuza's Water Prison.
Episode 9 title:"Kakashi:Sharingan Warrior"
A shockingly young ninja named Haku appears and settles the fight between Zabuza and Kakashi.
Episode 10 title:"The Forest of Chakra"
Kakashi unconvinced of Zabuza's fate,implements interesting chakra training for Naruto,Sasuke and Sakura.
Episode 11 title:"The Land Where a Hero Once Lived"Sakura witnesses Gato's evil rule while Naruto and Sasuke climb trees by balancing their chakra in their feet;Inaris first appearence.
Episode 12 title:"Battle on the Bridge!Zabuza Returns!A mysterious figure tells Naruto:the desire to protect what he loves is a source of last option strength.
Episode 13 title:"Haku's Secret Jutsu:Crystal Ice Mirrors"Sasuke and Naruto vs. Haku while Kakashi takes on Zabuza.
Episode 14 title:"The Number One Hyperactive,Knucklehead Ninja Joins the Fight!"Naruto and Sasuke are trapped in battle inside Haku's Crystal Ice Mirrors!

The rest of this website will just be pics you can take if you want




Sasuke curse seal















Naruto,Sasuke and Sakura

If you want to see Naruto the tv series then check out cartoonetwork 9:00 et every saturday night or go to this link [] I hope you enjoy my website there will be a fifth one too thank you!!

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