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Is the company its made by with a lot of help from Marcus, please contact us if you enjoyed the site or have extra info on some of the characters [contact us at]

This is a website of facts,lands,weapons and societies of Naruto well if you want to learn more about Naruto then read my website thank you!!

The world of Naruto,the country in the red is the leaf village,in the yellow is the sand village.In the white and grey is the sound village,in the icey blue is the cloud village.In the green its the grass village,in the really dark blue is the rain village.In the sort of dark blue in the mist village,in the brown is the earth village and in the blue and white is the waterfall village "I'm sorry if that was hard to understand lol"

A kunai knife is what the user throws at an opponent in battle,you can also attatch an exploding note onto the kunai then throw it

This is a double sided kunai to be more accurate in battle

These are special sound needles that Kin uses to disract and confuse the opponents mind

A headband,each headband comes from a certain village but you can only get one when you become a genin

SmokeBombs, these are smokebombs that create smoke then you can hide in the smoke and attack

Shuriken, the ultimate ninja tool they are sharp throwing stars that wisk threw the air very fast used by every village

A pouch, these pouches are for weapons to go into,you might see Kakashi with a book in his but he's a little weird

Kunai pouch, this pouch is to hold kunai and if you are right handed it's on your right leg if your left handed it's on your left leg

A food pill, otherwise known as a soldier pill they can enhance someone or something's stamina and chakra by double its original form.Kiba uses it to feed himself and his dog

This is a weapon where if you miss the opponent then chakra can extend and cut them

This is a sound amplifer,Dosu uses it and it has the power to amplify and direct noise as a means of attacking an opponent

A vest,this vest is very important it symbolizes a chuunin and higher ranks,the higher ranks like chuunin and jounin must wear this vest unless they are an outlaw

The 3 Sannin,these were the Legendary Sannin that are Jiriaya,Tsunade,Orochimaru and the 3rd Hokage who is their sensei,all when they were younger

Zabuza's sword can cut through almost anything

If you want to see Naruto the tv series check out cartoonetwork 9:00 pm et every saturday night or try veoh, youtube or I hope you enjoyed my website there will be a 4th one too thank you!!

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