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This is a website of Naruto facts and characters,it's like the last one but it has the less popular characters and some of the characters you don't see until later on thank you!!

Hayate,the young and strong is seen in the chuunin exams as the 3rd proctor,he gets very sick and gets killed by Baki

Genma,also a chuunin exams proctor he always has a tooth pick and is pretty fast

Jiraiya,the perverted old hermit who is one of the 4 legendary sannin,he's very strong and knows a lot of forbiddon techniques

Mizuki,the jealous evil ninja who tells Naruto things he shouldn't then gets beaten up by Naruto

Itachi,Sasuke's mysterious older brother who is also from the Uchiha clan,Itachi is one of the 7 swordsman his partner is Kisame

Kisame,partners with Itachi he has a big sword the can cause huge damage he is also one of the 7 legendary swordsman

Inari,the little kid who mourns over the loss of his father who was a hero in his village,Inari is the grandson of Tazuna and the son of Tsunami

Tsunami,is a widow who is the mother of Inari and daughter of Tazuna she got married to Inari's father but then he died from Gatou

Gouzu,on of the demon brothers who attacks Kakashi and Tazuna,he and his brother were hired by Gatou to kill Tazuna

Meizu,one of the demon brothers who attacked Kakashi and Tazuna,he and his brother were hired to kill Tazuna

Iwashi,is just another very strong and talented Kohona jounin who is an observant in the chuunin exams

The 4th Hokage,a very special ninja who died from saving the Kohona village from the NineTailedFox Demon who was sealed in a boy named Naruto

Insects,these are the bugs Shino uses to fight his enimies

Turtle,this is just a turtle Gai uses to appear in certant places

Pakkun,is a dog who wears a headband [I don't know much information on this character]

Shigure,he's a rain ninja who fights Gaara and loses his life he is very arrogant and also strong

A rain ninja,who gets killed by Gaara like his teamates,as you can see in the picture he is in Gaara's desert coffin jutsu

A rain ninja,who also gets killed by Gaara,as you can see he is in Gaara's desert coffin jutsu

Tsunade,she is one of the 4 legendary sannin she is very strong and she becomes Hokage when the 3rd dies

Kimimaro,one of Orochimaru's servants.He is a decendent of the Kaguya clan

Tayuya,a servant of Orochimaru who can summon giants out of the ground.She also posesses a curse seal

Kazekage,he is the kage of the Sand village who teamed up with Orochimaru to attack the Leaf village

Gamabunta,the enormous frog can be summoned by using the frog summoning jutsu he was originally owned by Jiriaya but now Naruto uses him

Ibiki,the first chuunin exams proctor who uses mental challenges to test shinobi

Kidou,the servant of Orochimaru who has atleast 4 arms,he is a sound ninja who posesses a curse seal

Sakon,is a sevant of Orochimaru and he can attack people with the tone and pitches of a bone and he can summon his brother Ukon he also posesses a curse seal

Jirou,is a servant of Orochimaru who uses the earth and it rocks to capture people in his jutsu then he drains their chakra he also posesses a curse seal

Shukaka,this is the demon that Gaara transforms into during the chuunin exams

If you want to see Naruto the tv series check out cartoonetwork at 9:00 et every saturday night or go to this link []I hope you enjoyed my website there will be a third one too thank you!!

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