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I am satyam verma.Here,I am giving you some tips that will not only lead you to success but also help you maintain desired position in your class.

You are at the right place if you want to be topper of your class .I slightly know what you are looking for.Being a topper is niether a big deal nor a rocket science as everyone could be a topper by practicing a few tips daily .

When anybody thinks about the word 'topper'.we get instant idea about his/her personality.These are as follows-

3]self Confident

Toppers are not GOD as you think that they have special powers or magic or something like that.
But they are ordinary humans just like us!.
Eventually,If they are just like us ,then what does make them so special?

It is the time management as every student has 24 hours.Each has 24 hours but some of them turn out to be toppers and some failures.It much depends upon In what activities they utilise thier time on a given day and what kind of activities they inculcate so as to score more.However It also depends upon good sleep and good reading habits and some advance tactics which you will come to know by further reading.

I am giving you some tips and I am 100 % sure that it will lead you to success.
I would also like to add ,that every student needs to identify her/his own style of learning.This is possible only when you are exposed to various ways of studying and reinforcement.The tips given below may help you only when you understand them and apply the same in your day to day learning habits.


  • Know the chapters to be covered and th weightage for each chapter.

  • Know the question paper pattern along with weightage for various types of questions viz.VSA(VERY SHORT ANSWER TYPE),SA(SHORT ANSWER TYPE),LA(LONG ANSWER TYPE).

  • Derivations and problem solving can be remembered fresh for a long time only when practiced by writing over and again.Writing once is said to be equivalent to reading 13 times.

  • You can discuss what you have learnt with peer group.This practice makes the memory deeper since it demands for effective recalling of knowledge.

  • Have a time table for self study at home.

  • Make the best use of technology.Wherever necessary,you can learn through readily available PPTs and video lectures,3-D diagrams and animations will be of great help to understand the concepts.But precaution must be taken not to spend more time on these materials and not to get distracted.

  • There is nothing wrong in watching tv/browsing net,etc for a very limited time in a day,but prolonged usage of these media will not only make you lazy but also will make you tired.Rather you can play a sport of your choice for a little time with your friends in order to relax your body and mind.

  • It much depends upon writing ability in exam.You should know and restrict to the word limit of VSA/SA/LA type questions.Otherwise ,you may tend to write too much for VSA and very little for LA type questions.this is called ANSWER MANAGEMENT.

  • Wherever required,show the steps especially while deriving or solving numerical problems because marks will be awarded for correct steps even though the final answer may be wrong.I have used this tactic many times and even given marks.

  • It also depends upon your health .So take a proper meal and eat almonds.You should have a sleep of atleast 7 hours.If you have a pet like a dog or a cat or anything like that ,then spend sometime with them because they decrease hypertension on other hand they motivate us for studying.

  • Don't carry doubts within yourself and try to mend it as soon as you can.Don't be afraid of asking a doubt."If you ask a doubt,then you will remain fool for two minutes and If you don't ask a doubt ,then you will remain fool for the rest of the life".

See the difference in yourself from the very beginning of this practice.



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