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Tim Roth :Lie to me character Cal Lightman

Dr. Cal Lightman is a leading expert in the psychology of emotion and falsehood , science including non-verbal communication , body language , proxemics and kinesics , which is the discipline that studies facial expressions and involuntary movements . He is the founder of The Lightman Group.Il Dr. Lightman was born in England in 1963. His father, an officer in the British Army , he was a violent man who , when he was drunk , beat him and his mother , Louise . The repeated violence led her to depression and , after a long hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital , he committed suicide by ingesting a lethal amount of sleeping pills . For this reason, Lightman is extremely sensitive to these issues and almost obsessed with suicide . After the death of his mother went to live with the family of a friend in a run-down neighborhood of Belfast (Northern Ireland ), where it risked being arrested several times especially for fights. In one episode it is said that the father would be dead before the mother.
He enrolled at the Faculty of Psychology at Oxford and at that time he began to study in depth the suicidal tendencies. During the specialization began to deal with the psychology of emotions and theorized that facial expressions had an evolutionary - biological basis and, therefore, were universal . He moved to the United States, then began a series of research thanks to funding from the NIMH and began to travel the world to spend time in New Guinea together with an isolated population in order to demonstrate conclusively that the emotions and facial expressions were associated universal . His research continued in the study of facial muscles and the mapping of all the facial expressions , the analysis of the autonomic nervous system and the physiology of emotions. The research began on a lie just because of the obsession Lightman for his mother's death . During the specialization , he managed to find a video of Louise made ​​the hospital the day before he committed suicide . Knowing that her mother had lied about his real state of health, slowed down the footage and discovered a mimic full face of despair by the duration of one fifth of a second immediately masked by a smile , so rapid as to be escaped to the doctors and to him for years . He called this type of mimicry microexpression . Hiding the truth about the identity of the mother ( continue to say that the movie had been a patient of his recovery professor of specialization) , theorized that the facial expressions , the tone of voice and body language , they could betray the lie and started the pioneering studies identification of lies.
In 1993 he married Zoe Landau , a young lawyer who had helped in a lawsuit with its own scientific analysis , of whom was born Emily . After fourteen years of marriage, however, though they have been parted on good terms . Lightman also got custody of her daughter .
His research aroused the interest of British intelligence who offered him to train their operational identification of lies. He then started to cooperate with counter-terrorism and in 1994 he was sent to Bosnia with the task of interrogating prisoners. During an interview to a Serbian officer , to know where the snipers were positioned in the passage of the U.S. military , believing in the infallibility of his method , he judged the man a liar even though he had told the truth. After having put a uniform Bosnian Serb did turn in the area where a sniper, positioned in the point that he said he killed him. This fact shocked and deeply Lightman is narrated in the episode " The Betrayal " . Previously , in the episode "To say the right thing," Cal Ria Torres had complained of having to learn the scientific theory and not to rely on personal impressions just to avoid " hurting someone" . Despite the war he had deeply marked , claimed to worship " that rush of adrenaline to the brain " that only the risk of death could give. His collaboration with the British and American intelligence lasted until 2003 when he became involved in an internal investigation of the Pentagon. A year earlier, the British intelligence had made him study the behavior of some supporters of the IRA to know what were the most violent and ready to attack. Analysis of Dr. Lightman was ordered the murder of one of them , Jimmy Doyle, but , in the ambush , killed the daughter and the wife of the latter. The internal investigation that ensued forced Lightman to meet the psychologist of the Department of Defense and met for the first time Gillian Foster, in his future partner and friend. Lightman wanted them to know the truth about the murder of the family of Doyle, but the Pentagon covered it up with a false investigation and threatened indirectly Lightman . Only many years later to be able to prosecute the perpetrators. As a result of this affair , Lightman and Foster left the government job .

The legend of 1900

Danny Boodman T.D. Lemon Nineteen hundred was found on a ship in a box of lemons, when he was newborn, he found a black man who worked in the boilers of the ship called him by his name, and added what was written on the box and then added, "Nineteen hundred" the year in which they were. After eight years old Danny died,Nineteen hundred was orphaned again. After 27 years Max came Tooney who became her best friend .... and you will see and you will discover:-D

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