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My name is Tifa and this is my online personal stuff I like!!

I'm goth and love anime, dragons, nene thomas (a really good artist), gothic novels and other stuff I will probably add later on!!

One nene thomas piece that is AWESOME!!!

Just wanted to let u know just in case you leave this place in disgust because I'm goth!!

Keep going so u can see the stuff I like!!! By the way, this is my fave band, Within Temptation.

Awesome anime!!

Another nene thomas piece!! Sorry it's sooo small!!!

Stream of Passion!!

I think the dragon will win!!

Lead singer of Within Temptation, Sharon Den Adel, has a high pretty voice!!

I love skulls and roses!! I can't live without them.

Favorite manga book!!

Gir is cool!!


My bff's call me black dragon at school.

Black Dragon!!

I'll get back to this blog as soon as I can!!

White Angel!!


This is my fave movie. This is actually something for the video game but I think it can go either way. They reduced it so it might be a little too small.

Possibly the best nene thomas peice ever created!!

I just like this brand os merchandise. If you can't read it 4 some reason, it says "love kills slowly".

I'll just tell u my crushes name starts with a G. You wont know who's talking know who's talking right now since I don't use my real name. All you will know is that I am a Final Fantasy VII fan. I'll show u guys a pic of who I named myself after.

Here's one of her getting ready 4 battle or somethin like that.

Another pic of Tifa!

Here's the same pic of Tifa but with another girl I sooo totally like!! Her name is Aerith. Or Aeris.

One good movie is the Grudge. The lady is creaping down the stairs towards Karen ( also in Buffy: The Vamp Slayer) about to scare her to death.

Here's a pic from the Grudge 2. Aubrey came 2 take Karen back 2 her mom but the freaky lady killed her(pushed her of a million story building). Aubrey ended up dying at the end. I have yet 2 watch the Grudge 3. Wish me luck!!

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