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The Ranger$ or ThemPRanger$ Spotlight, Day Day, Langston, Julian

The three members, Day Day 15; Julian 17; Langston 15; ,were all born and raised in Los Angeles The Ranger$ is a high-spirited triple-threat group that was formed in the spring of 2009 in the parking lot of a Taco Bell restaurant in Los Angeles, CA. They are also the best known propagators of the newest dance sensation sweeping the nation – “Jerkin.” Originally started as a dance group called the Go Go Power Ranger$, would gathered together after school to dance in parking lots of high schools and quickly became most popular by posting their self-filmed and edited “Jerk” dance videos on Youtube and Myspace social networking sites. The teenaged male crew members never thought they would gain over 80,000 followers in such a short amount of time. As the “Jerkin” movement swept the streets of Southern California, The Ranger$ quickly became the 1 Jerk crew in the world. However, dancing alone couldn’t contain this talented crew, and The Ranger$ evolved into a triple-threat hip hop group. and all credit the late and great Michael Jackson as well as singing and dance sensation, Chris Brown as part of their inspiration and motivation. Their creativity only starts with dancing. They explore all of their individual talents and bring to the table a fervent and zealous fashion style, extraordinary dancing abilities, explicit writing skills, inimitable rhythmic rapping methods, and a music production style that is clearly all their own when listened to. In August of 2009 they announced the release of Jerkin Is a Habit, Vol. 1, an innovative "Rangers Presents" release featuring songs from the group along with the Baby Dollz, Cliff Savage, Yong 3rd, RockStar and Jhawk. Along with music videos of their hit single “Go Hard” Ranger$ have also released several other music videos from Jerkin is a Habit, Tag Um In, Monster, Number Dime and She Likes Me. As core members at the forefront of the Jerkin’ explosion, they currently have over five million views of their weekly and highly anticipated Youtube videos, have been featured in the popular music videos of Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, the most recent Snoop Dogg and Jay Z video, New Boyz, Baby Bash, The Bangz and the Baby Dollaz, and have recently performed on stage with pop sensation Ciarra, Hip Hop Icon Kurupt on the Power 106 High School Tour, Rap sensation Roscoe Umali and with Snoop Dogg on America’s Next Best Dance Crew and VGA. The Ranger$ have transitioned from the high school dance crew that started in a Taco Bell parking lot in 2009, into a bonified triple threat sensation with only long term and worldwide success ahead of these young ambassadors of the new life in hip hop for a new age.

Langston, Day Day, Spotlight, Julian

Langston, Day Day, Spotlight, Julian

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