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Hi! I'm Sophina, the original owner of this website. Read below for more information!

So I started this blog because I don't have an idea about what blog I could make, and so I thought that I could make a collab website!
Email me on the template below on the right if you want to do a collab! Just press the 'email' button below.
* Your first name
* Your age (optional)
* Why you want to do a collab with me
* Your ideas for the website
That's it!
I will be holding open auditions for everyone. I will close the auditions on August 30th and will announce the chosen collab.
I really hope you audition, and good luck! I might choose more than 1 if I really like the ideas!
The rules are:
* You can't be younger than 7 yrs old
* 14 yrs old is the maximum
* You cannot hack into other things
* You must not change the password
I actually set it to 'collab mode' so only the original owner can change the password anyway.

Here is what will happen if you get the collab!
I will e-mail you the password, and you can log in and start blogging about whatever you like! I will blog with you.

It will be fun! But if you start to blackmail me, or if you delete my posts, then I will change the password and you can no longer do a collab with me.

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