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Thai silk

Thai silk...
Come to know Thai silk!

Thai silk...

Thai Silk is a unique silk that is different from the usual silk, ie, it has a glistening luster. The fabric is not smooth, soft, some weight is the knot, due to the quality of the production process, but it is popular with some people because it looks very strange.

Silk weaving in Thailand in the past was done in the household itself. In the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama 5), ​​it was encouraged to use silk. Mulberry for silk culture is supported by Japan. But the operation of the project can only be done for a while. Thai farmers continue to do so in the traditional way. Not responding to the change to a new model that was developed with the help of Japan.
The silkworm becomes a fabric...

Silk is made from silkworms. The worm was raised by the monkey.

Hope you will be impressed with our presentation...

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