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Hello Everybody! Thai Food Lovers Welcome toThaifood blog by Chubby :)
Please don't mind about my damm English or Grammar bla bla..I just would share my Thai recipt ..not special but easy like monkey do..that's my aussie boyfriend always says that..
I love cooking and never mind my weight and love to share something my mama told me to everybody who sick of Microwave food or HAMBURGER..I prefer sandwich and I have more 100++ tasty sandwich ideas..ha ha I feel hungry now.. anyway

Love at first bite:) YOU'RE NEVER EAT ALONE :)

This picture is one of my favor pic in the mega..why???? Because chinese as us believe Monkey is a witty clever lucky animal and Chubby boy is mean a poverty and weath (lazy to check in well..Today and tomorrow food will never end.
I'll show you how to cook umm
Kang-KAi ( don't need to google it just know it)



1.Chest of chicken ( just half kg)
3.Maggy sauce
4.corn flour
5.sugar (could be cane sugar)
6. Japanese soy sauce
8.any vegetable as you like, a bit
11.Thai jasmine rice or whatever :)

Don't cook for show just for eat and You're not eat teley !
HA HA or How to cook..I tell you later :)

Hi there
Sorry to not update my yummy blog for long long time..well today I Just update a easy sth for All Bridget Jone's lover.this recipt can make your lazy boyfriend help you more in the kitchen. Not only st infront of taley and ask you ' Done?"

!!!!!Sandwich BRIDGET JONE!!!!!!

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