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Hey Taylor! A blog about Taylor Swift.

Hey Taylor! A blog about Taylor Swift. By Sofia K
Hey Guys! Welcome to my first official blog! I hope you like it and enjoy it. Let’s get started!
Taylor Swift is an American singer.
She was born on 1989 in Nashvile, Tennessee.
Her first album is called Taylor Swift and it was released in 2006 when she was in high school.
She plays the guitar professionally.
Her lucky number is 13

Taylor Swift has also been in some movies. In 2012 she was Audrey in the Lorax.

Taylor Swift’s most popular and successful album is Fearless which BTW is her second album.
Here are some pictures of some albums or self portraits of Taylor Swift.

Well that is my Blog! If you liked it, make sure you you read my future blogs. See ya!

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Hey Taylor! A blog about Taylor Swift. (Cinema, tv - Others)    -    Author : Sofia K - Canada

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