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hello! This is a guide to beauty and fashion. Learn cool new tricks and techniques, along with inspiration for creating your own unique style!

Express Yourself!


I love these shoes at b.a.i.t. footwear! They're a little pricey though at $63 :(

But thanks to these shoes I found out what a spectator shoe is AND I LOVE IT! Also, I found shoes just like the ones above only a lot cheaper ($38) and they have a T-Strap

I found these at yesstyle.com. Pretty close, right???
Click here
to check out my survey!!! What length skirt do you like? What's your fave hair styling device? What does your dream guy look like???
Have fun!

Great Fashion/Beauty Blogs:

Lauren Conrad Everyone's favorite fashionista!
The Beauty Department GREAT tips and ideas. Lauren Conrad helps with this site!
Katie's Bliss Just a girl showing off her outfits and stuff. She has great taste!
Trash to Couture Some great sewing ideas for turning not so chic things into super stylish must-haves!

YesStyle A really great online shop for korean and japanese clothing styles! Trust me, you will love this!
ModCloth THE place to buy indie and retro clothing. They have just what you need to look like a vintage girl. They also have fun books and nifty things you never knew you wanted in the apartment section!
Threadless You will instantly fall in love with all the fun tee shirts here. Their tees are all artistically designed with humor, retro-ness, or things that just make you say "that's cool"

Hot Right Now
Fringe. Crop tops and skinny jeans are a staple to any wardrobe, but now people are adding fringe to that mixture!

Neon. These bright colors are becoming a bit of a trend as the warmer season comes up and we all transition to brighter, happier colors! Try a few neon accessories, or maybe go for a vibrant dress!

Sailor Stripes. Go for a fun nautical look with bold stripes and anchor accents. Grab some rope and lace your shoes with it! Red, white, and blue, baby!

Tribal/Aztec Prints Boho is what it's all about. Wear some cool tribal shorts, or do some easy aztec designs on your nails. There's a lot you can do with this. PacSun has a LOT of great tribal print stuff!

Jackets, Blazers, and Cardis. Leather jackets are very popular, blazers are super versatile, and cardigans are so sweet. Denim jackets are great, too!!

Feathers and Braids. Feather accents (hair feathers, on necklaces, etc) really add to the whole boho thing. Plus, a lot people are experimenting with fun new braids and twists. Wrap a braid around your head as a headband! Try the fishtail braid! Or the waterfall braid! There's always something new out there for you to try!

Florals. Florals are a classic. You should always have a floral skirt in your collection. I am dead serious right now.

Cool Tips and Tricks
To get a PERFECT wing on your eye makeup, use scotch tape to define a line, and when you're done, peel it off!

To get a PERFECT half-moon manicure, use those little circle stickers used for notepaper holes that rip. Well, here's a link for a better how-to.

To make PERFECT circles for nail art, use the end of a sewing pin, a match, or maybe even a dull pencil. Sewing pins are my fave, and I like to stick them on the end of a pencil (the eraser part) so I have better hold!

Wanna get bright colored streaks in your hair? Or maybe you've been wanting to try a cool-looking ombre effect? You can experiment with no risk if you use SOFT PASTELS (not oil pastels)! You can buy any color you want at any art store, or you can buy a set with a whole bunch of colors. They usually are pretty cheap, so go ahead and pick whatever colors you want! Then, get your hair wet (not soaking wet) and rub the color on your hair. The next time you wash your hair, the color will come right out! This is a fun way to try out crazy new colors if you aren't willing to deal with a real dye job.

Is all your makeup cluttering up your space? Try using a BENTO BOX or two with multiple compartments to store and organize your makeup. Or, if you are in a hurry in the mornings, just throw it all into a bowl. Out of sight, out of mind.

Do you still have a pair of those 3d glasses from the movies? Pop out the lenses and PAINT THEM! It's a lot more interesting than leaving them black, and they're really cool nerdy glasses!

Is your nail polish getting SUPER THICK? Put a few drops of polish remover in the polish bottle to thin it out. This is good if you don't have any polish thinner around.

You know those toilet seat covers in public restrooms? They are made out of almost the same material as those special BLOTTING PAPERS to make your skin less shiny by absorbing the oils on your face. Grab one and tear it into smaller squares to use as your own blotting papers. I know it may not be very glamorous, but it works great if you are on the go.

I hope these tips helped you!

Beachy Eyes

What you will need:

Pencil Eyeliner • Copper/Coral/Salmon EyeshadowTurquoise EyeshadowWhite Eyeshadow (or something that highlights your skin)
Okay, apply a thick line of black eyeliner. For this look, it is best to use pencil liner rather than liquid for a softer edge. Now, on top of that, apply some of your light red-ish eyeshadow over the entire lid with your finger. That also includes going right over the eyeliner. This will tint the black a lighter color. Already you may notice your eyeliner has a bluish gray tint. Now dab some of that turquoise eyeshadow (i used my pinky for this part) on the outer edge of the eyeliner and kind of blend it in towards the center. Now take the white eyeshadow and put a little on the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up. Finally, brush on some mascara, and you are done!

This is a great summer look, and i hope you'll try it out!

my pictures are a little dark...i had to use my computer camera because my real one is out of batteries....

Whenever I do a beachy/nautical theme, I like to wear some coral-colored lip balm. I use Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in hibiscus which i think makes my lips look really pretty with a coral glow! I think they do tinted lip balm in tiger lily, which is even more orange. I haven't tried it, but i'm sure it looks great.
You can do some coral blush, too. Paint your nails thick stripes of white and dark blue.

My Daily Routine

ok, well mostly for the weekdays, but anyway....


1. wake up and eat cereal~
2. Put on my makeup. I always wear some reg. black mascara and a thin line of black liquid liner only on my top lid. I never do my bottom lids.
3. Do my hair with a flat iron. I have layers, so usually I make them curve towards my face to frame my oval shaped head. I also have bangs. ALWAYS curve your flat iron towards your face to give them more volume. Nothing says you don't know how to use a straightener when your bangs jut out perfectly straight from your face!! I also use just some regular leave-in conditioner. This would be on the first day after washing my hair. After that, it is not necessary. Leave-in conditioner makes your hair extra soft and all around better! I just put about a pea or a dime sized amount on my hands and then them together. Then I comb my hands through my hair and work it into the driest parts of my hair. NEVER put it near your roots or on your bangs, because that will just look like a greasy mess. If you have frizzies on the top of your head sticking up (like me) then use some spritz of sculpting spray or light hold hairspray and then just pat them down. That should help :)
4. Sometimes I add blush, but I don't really need it. And I like to keep lipgloss with me all the time. My favorite thing to wear on my lips is either my clinique chubby stick in strawberry (i think that's the color), or my burt's bees tinted lip balm in hibiscus. And I have this really great lip gloss by esteé lauder in electric ginger (lol) that's a perfect color and it has little shiny flakes in it! And it smells really good :)
5. Of course, I brush my teeth. And I also like to use mouthwash to make my breath smell good longer.
6. Get dressed. My favorite thing to wear is denim shorts with any kind of top and maybe an owl necklace if I feel really cute that day. And I usually wear flats.
7. Head out the door and have a wonderful day!


1. Take a shower. If you go to bed with your hair wet, you don't have to worry about blow drying it in the morning. You never want to blow dry your hair and straighten it in the same day, because it will be really brutal on your hair with all the heat.
2. I don't really wash off my makeup, haha.... I do take it off in the shower, but not usually with some makeup remover. I don't use foundation, so I'm not like clogging up my pores or anything. Sometimes I use a facial scrub/wash thingy in the shower for acne, and if that makes me feel all dried out, I use some facial moisturizer afterwards. When shaving my legs, I make sure to use shaving cream. It really helps to see if you missed any spots, and so you don't go over the same spot too often.
3. Brush my hair and teeth and then floss. Go to bed!

DUDE! I love lace!!!
These are my fave stores at the mall!

The apple store!
Bath & Body Works!!!! (LOVE THIS STORE!!!)
FOREVER 21!!! This is my temple.
Gamestop! yayyy
Journeys Shoes
PacSun!!! Love this store!
Sweet Factory! yum yum candy!

*i like plato's closet also*

-----stores i like or kind of like...hmm-----
Aeropostale (barely made it on this list at all)
Hot Topic
Papaya (this place is new....so i've only been there once....but so far i like it)
Payless Shoes
Vans Store
Wet Seal

kk now go shopping!

Combat Boots

and other lacey leathery shoes

These kind of shoes are very in style right now. This includes oxford shoes (i just found out the name!)

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